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  1. photo op
    Rob Ford Wears Old NFL Tie to Crack ConferenceUSA!
  2. crimes and misdemeanors
    Buffalo Neighbors Say Crack-Dealing Granny Kept Things SafeBut she’s still facing prison.
  3. other countries’ embarrassments
    Rob Ford Knew Where the Crack Video He Claimed Didn’t Exist Was Being KeptNot looking good …
  4. Rob Ford Denies Crack Use in Most Carefully Worded Manner PossibleToronto’s mayor finally issued a denial more than a week after claims of a crack-smoking video surfaced. 
  5. oh canada!
    Toronto’s Mayor May Have Smoked Crack on VideoAccording to a report from Gawker.
  6. the eighties
    Rudy Giuliani Bought Crack Once“You pay ‘em the money and off you go!”
  7. vices
    Alcohol Causes More Harm Than Heroin, Crack, or CocaineStudy proves selfless people prefer heroin or crack.
  8. stupid crime of the day
    Man Denies Owning Bag of Crack Found in Own ButtLet him explain.
  9. anyone have a bill?
    Crack Cocaine to Become More Like Regular CocaineAt least as far as jail time is concerned.
  10. drugs are bad
    Most Cocaine Now Laced With Poisonous Livestock-Deworming Drug90 percent of cocaine users in San Francisco found to have Levamisole in their system.
  11. in other news
    Sherri Shepherd Has Had an Uncomfortable Number of AbortionsAlso, she thinks Barbara Walters may need to be ‘saved.’ Splendid!
  12. in other news
    Tatum O’Neal’s Dealer to Be Deported, Actress to Pay $96 FineThe punishment has been meted out involving last month’s drug bust of the Oscar winner, and the results are pretty much as we expected.
  13. in other news
    Andrea Peyser Goes Soft for Tatum O’NealThe catty columnist gets sympathetic for the crack-buying actress after she gave an exclusive interview.
  14. intel
    David Carr on Crack: The ‘Times’ Columnist’s Recovery MemoirWe got our hands on an advance copy of Carr’s ‘The Night of the Gun,’ in which he describes his long life of drug abuse and recovery.