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  1. oh albany!
    Why Was Governor Cuomo So Grouchy Today?Sounds like someone had a case of the Mondays.
  2. cranks
    What’s the Most Annoying Time to Be on Twitter?Don’t say “always,” smartass.
  3. cranks
    Jonathan Franzen Parodies Jonathan FranzenBut he’s not in on the joke.
  4. breitbartleby the scrivener
    Andrew Breitbart: ‘I Realized I Liked Being Hated More Than I Liked Being Liked’“That’s when the fun began.”
  5. lawsuits
    Your iPod Is Not Legally Responsible for Your Hearing LossA Federal Court of Appeals decision upheld a prior decision that there’s no evidence your iPod can cause hearing loss.
  6. neighborhood watch
    Community-Board Crankies Ready to Go Bananas on Bloomberg……if it’s true that he’s trying to shorten the community-review process for new development!