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Crazy Lawsuits

  1. crazy lawsuits
    Sleepy, Litigious Yankee Fan Doesn’t Quite Understand the Internet Andrew Robert Rector is still trying to sue ESPN, MLB, and the Yankees over a YouTube video.
  2. crazy lawsuits
    Yankees Fan Sleeps in Stands, Sues for $10MHe’s claiming defamation and wants damages from the team, Major League Baseball, ESPN, and its announcers.
  3. crazy lawsuits
    Easily Startled Woman Suing Over ‘Menacing’ Dexter Ad She says it made her trip and gave her nightmares.
  4. hoaxes
    Johnny Manziel Not Being Sued for Dick PicsThe lawsuit from HLN contributor Samantha Schacher is fake.
  5. crazy lawsuits
    Sterling Lawsuit Against StivianoDonald Sterling’s wife sued his (ex-)girlfriend and the rest is history.
  6. old people today
    L.I. Senior Citizens Have Serious Softball Beef“I never threatened him with a bat … He has osteoporosis.”