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  1. crazytown
    Ricin Suspect Cannot Stop Trying to Send Poison LettersEven from jail.
  2. neighborhood news
    Man With Banner, Bandana Hanging From Tappan Zee BridgeThis is wild.
  3. stand clear of the closing doors
    Woman Bathes in New York City Subway CarThis is not a sexy “Improv Everywhere” stunt.
  4. crazytown
    Tricia Walsh-Smith Wants Her Own TV ShowThe YouTube divorcée is back.
  5. crazytown
    Somebody Is Hunger Striking The New YorkerThat won’t work.
  6. strange people
    What Do You Do When You Run Into a 300-Pound Man With a Wetsuit and a Gun?Go up and talk to him, of course.
  7. stand clear of the closing doors
    Naked Man Tries to Top All Recent Subway Freak-out VideosAnd, unsurprisingly, he succeeds.
  8. the sports section
    Unstoppable Love for Cameron Diaz Caused Man to Run Onto Field During Yankees GameGrim LeRogue has issues.
  9. stupid crime of the day
    A Guy Named Maynard Is Abusing Trees in BrooklynHe has a reason, though!
  10. crazytown
    Cops, Tasers Can’t Stop Naked Man From Jumping From Brooklyn BridgeThis story is a doozy.
  11. hellivision
    Tinsley Mortimer’s Reality Show Has Driven Someone (Almost) to the Loony BinMalik So Chic turned up at Bellevue yesterday!
  12. crazytown
    Jayden Was the Most Popular Name for Baby Boys in the City Last YearIn other news, happy 28th birthday, Britney Spears. Thanks for frickin’ everything.
  13. great divorces
    Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook Will Not Let It GoThey want each other in jail.
  14. crazy town
    Australian Grandmother Is Fitter, Crazier Than YouShe’ll willingly swim in the waters around Manhattan today for an extended period of time.
  15. crazytown
    PETA Playing a Dangerous Game With Obama, FlyNow the animal-rights group has extended its protection to flies. What next?
  16. crazy town
    Scam Artist’s Greatest Crime: Ruining PsychoDon’t read if you haven’t seen ‘Psycho’!
  17. crazytown
    Post Blows Erection StoryThe tabloid hits the jackpot with a story about a life-altering medical condition (in prison, no less!), and they don’t even go for the gold.
  18. crazytown
    Accused Bronx Synagogue Bomb Plotter Caught With Pants DownOr did they fall down on purpose?
  19. kelly land
    CNBC’s Jeff Macke Doesn’t Understand Why People Are Confused When He Speaks “Am I going crazy? Yes or no?”
  20. crazytown
    Kiefer Sutherland to Turn Self In to PoliceThe actor is expected to be charged with third-degree misdemeanor assault over his now-famous fashion head-butt.
  21. neighborhood news
    The Staten Island Ninja Is Back!Authorities thought they had put an end to the nearly twenty pattern burglars involving stealthy thieves in black bodysuits — but not so!
  22. crazytown
    Times Square Sbarro Smashed Up in Sorcerer ShootWriting in tabloid-ese is exhausting.
  23. school daze
    Bronx Teacher Sets Good Example With Fake Bomb ThreatNobody was hurt and the kids got some fresh air on a nice day. Win-win?
  24. crazytown
    Ever Threatened to Leave Your Whining Kids on the Side of the Road?Yeah, well, don’t ACTUALLY do it, okay?
  25. crazytown
    Preppy Killer’s Girlfriend Gets to Serve Probation, Still Loves Her ManAfter 22 years of a mutually destructive relationship, Shawn Kovell goes on loving Robert Chambers.
  26. crazytown
    SUV Drives Out of Third-Story Window in East Village, No One HurtAs if we didn’t already have enough directions to look for oncoming traffic.
  27. perversions
    Recession Now an Excuse to Do Unnatural Things With Your DogIt really is like the thirties out there! THIRTIES BERLIN.
  28. crazytown
    Celebrity Psychic Intends to Keep Doing Readings From Beyond the GraveAnd not for free, either.
  29. crazy town
    What Do You Mean, ‘Metal in My Face’?A man coughs out a nail, lodged in his sinus cavity for years, that he was somehow unaware of.
  30. bridge and tunnel
    FIT Girls Were Seduced by Undercover Officers Claiming Large WangsThe FIT students arrested for dealing coke in December claim they are not at fault.
  31. sometimes it’s the little things
    Battle of the Bozos Heats UpIn this war between adjacent office buildings, will anyone win?
  32. sometimes it’s the little things
    The 22nd 21st Street Battle of the BozosHere’s one of those stories that reminds you there actually are people in those faceless buildings all around you. And, sometimes, inflatable clowns.
  33. stupid crimes and hero grannies!
    Why Can’t These People Live in New York?Apparently, other cities are trying to claim they have their own hero grannies.
  34. crazy town
    Arrow Attacks Hit New Borough!Though the one that turned up in Queens was decidedly less scary.
  35. scenes from a meltdown
    White-collar Women Turning to StrippingUm, we’ve heard.
  36. crazytown
    Anybody Want a Life-size Killer Whale?That’s what one Craigslist poster recently wanted to know.
  37. crazy town
    Police Find Arrow Lady’s Arrow ManCriminal mastermind he is not.
  38. crazytown
    Alex McCord Wants to Be a BrandOf course she does.
  39. crazy town
    Make the Best of It, Arrow LadyYou didn’t expect to be shot by an arrow, but you have. Now run with it!
  40. crazy town
    Intimidation Gets WeirderAn assemblyman is threatened with a dead goat.
  41. crazytown
    Real Housewife Kelly Killoren Bensimon Busted for AssaultNot so bland anymore, eh?
  42. crazytown
    Staten Island Advance Takes a Bite Out of CrimeAnd you thought local print reporting was toothless.
  43. crazytown
    Demon Appears in NYPD Precinct, Fills Out Police ReportsOr maybe there’s just one crazy cop who thinks he saw one.
  44. hannah upp-date
    Hannah Upp Mystery Still DeepeningYesterday’s ‘Times’ story about the Harlem schoolteacher who went off the grid for three weeks last fall raises a lot of questions it doesn’t quite answer.
  45. crazytown
    Beware the Short ManOr don’t, actually.
  46. crazytown
    Drunk Dude Wins $2.3 Million Off Cash-Strapped MTAHey everybody, did you know you could be set for life if you just pass out in that warm, muddy spot in the middle of the train tracks?
  47. crazytown
    Brooklyn EMT Apparently Never Learned That Lesson About BB Guns and EyesThis is the problem with raising your kids in the city.
  48. all celebrities are friends with one another
    Renée Zellweger and Dan Abrams: Things That Make You Go ‘Hmmm’No, no. It made us actually go, ‘WHAT ON EARTH IS GOING ON??’ That’s what we meant.
  49. the greatest depression
    If You Thought Last Week’s Story About New York’s Middle Class Was Depressing…Then have we got the article for you.
  50. crazytown
    Shocking News: The Middle Class Has It a Lot Harder Here Than Anywhere ElseBut does that mean we can’t achieve the American Dream? It depends.
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