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  1. Rod Covlin Tried to Marry Off His Young DaughterThe arranged marriage was part of a bizarre attempt to confiscate a $1 million trust fund.
  2. a different kind of war on christmas
    Tony Blair’s Terrifying Christmas Card Will Haunt Your DreamsHide your kids.
  3. creepy
    2 Skulls Found in Dead Connecticut Man’s Creepy TrashAlong with books on the occult. Happy Halloween!
  4. local politics
    Tennessee Politician Busy Drinking and StalkingHe’s not getting reelected.
  5. sex ed
    New NYC Teen Sex App Only a Little Bit Creepy“Siri, how are babies made? And what’s herpes anyway?”
  6. creepy
    Bodies Found on Long Island BeachFour corpses have been found in recent days along one stretch of beach on Long Island.