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Crime Rates

  1. bill de blasio
    Bill de Blasio Is Using New York’s Murder Rate to DemagogueThe mayor doesn’t know why murder rates have risen in the city. But he’s using them for political purposes anyway.
  2. Can Trump and Sessions Kill Criminal-Justice Reform? Probably Not.While Trump’s election showed a return to “backlash” criminal-justice policies was politically feasible, state and local decision-makers matter more.
  3. Justice Department Declares New York City ‘Soft on Crime’“New York City continues to see gang murder after gang murder” due to its “‘soft on crime’ stance.” (NYC had a record-low crime rate in 2016).
  4. NYC Crime Stats Drop Again, But Hate Crimes Are UpAnti-Semitic attacks have driven up the number of hate crimes.
  5. America Isn’t Suffering a Surge in Violent Crime — But Some of Its Cities AreMurder rates are spiking in disadvantaged urban communities, while the national homicide rate remains near historic lows.
  6. neighborhood news
    Greenwich Village: Full of Toughs, Hoods, and RapscallionsOh, you thought it was just all celebrities and charming cobblestones?