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Criminal Justice Reform

  1. Black Lives Matters’ Defense Attorney Is About to Become Philadelphia’s DAJeff Sessions has killed criminal-justice reform on the federal level. But in America’s fifth-largest city, it lives on.
  2. Sessions Takes First Big Step Toward Bringing Back the War on DrugsHaving fought criminal-justice reform for years, the attorney general is now demanding maximum sentences for low-level drug offenders.
  3. New York City Will Close Rikers Island, Mayor de Blasio SaysThe plan is to replace the jail with several smaller facilities spread around the city.
  4. How Booker and Lewis Tried to Raise the Bar at Sessions’s Confirmation HearingTwo African-American lawmakers suggest a higher standard for an attorney general than affability and not being a racist.
  5. Sessions As Attorney General Means Criminal-Justice Reform Is DeadMany years of work across ideological and party lines to address the mass incarceration caused by the war on drugs have probably gone down the drain.
  6. Here Are the Top 3 Items on Hillary Clinton’s 2017 AgendaClinton plans to pursue a trio of policy goals that have attracted some GOP support in the past — but (almost certainly) won’t in the near future.
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    New York City Will Stop Putting Teenagers in Solitary ConfinementThe decision raises the permitted age for solitary confinement from 18 to 21.
  8. Prisoners Aren’t Protected Against Slavery Under the 13th AmendmentPrisoners across the country have been on strike for a month.
  9. Criminal-Justice Reform Will Be a Postelection Test of BipartisanshipWill Republicans decide total opposition to a President Clinton is their unifying principle?
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    Obama Shortens the Sentences of 111 Drug OffendersObama has reduced jail time for 637 people so far.
  11. George Soros Is Trying to Buy America a Less Racist Justice SystemThe billionaire financier is trying to buy elections — for district-attorney candidates who support criminal-justice reform.