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  1. crossing over
    Steve King Declares Victory Because People Think He’s TerribleThis is what happens when people win?
  2. crossing over
    Congressman Steve King Doing His Part to Make Hispanics Hate the GOP ForeverApparently most Hispanic illegals are drug smugglers now. 
  3. crossing over
    President Obama’s Favorite Immigrants of All TimeNo. 1: Google founder Sergey Brin.
  4. early and awkward
    President Obama Breaks PanderometerWhat he said his biggest failure has been.
  5. crossing over
    Jan Brewer: No Driver’s Licenses for IllegalsSomehow, this is supposed to clear up the confusion.
  6. crossing over
    Mitt Romney Leads on Immigration by Releasing Vague, Useless Statement [Updated]If only Obama had been leading this much, we would have had immigration reform already.
  7. crossing over
    President Obama Basically Just Passed the DREAM Act by Himself [Updated]The Obama administration announces a bold new election-year policy on deporting young illegal immigrants.
  8. crossing over
    Cops Working for Anti-Immigration Sheriff Busted for Human SmugglingOne of them worked in Joe Arpaio’s anti-smuggling unit.
  9. crossing over
    Obama Said Some Things About Immigration Reform TodayThings that won’t really matter at all.
  10. crossing over
    South Carolina Lawmaker Is Just Going to Say It: We Need Illegals to Do Our Crap JobsHe didn’t say this in the most eloquent way, however.
  11. crossing over
    Where Are All the Arizonans Willing to Stand Up for Racial Profiling?A hidden-camera show can’t find any.
  12. crossing over
    DREAM DeferredThe Senate won’t vote on the DREAM Act.
  13. the future is coming
    Homeland Security’s Next-Gen Iris Scanners Work While You Walk ByNaturally they’re using them on illegal immigrants.
  14. crossing over
    Arizona Sheriff Could Give Two Hoots About the Rights of Illegal Immigrants, Federal ProbesThe DOJ filed a suit against Joe Arpaio for failing to turn over documents in a civil-rights probe.
  15. crossing over
    Report: Illegal Immigration to U.S. Decreasing in Recent YearsUndocumented population drops to 11 million.
  16. crossing over
    Congress Passes $600 Million Border-Security BillSchumer: “It will clear the path for restarting bipartisan discussions.”
  17. crossing over
    Schumer-Backed Bill Will Send 1,500 New Agents to BorderSenate passes $600 million measure.
  18. crossing over
    Virginia Allows For Checks Of Immigrant StatusNot as stringent as Arizona’s proposed law.
  19. crossing over
    Arizona Appeals Partially Blocked Immigration LawMeanwhile, protesters descend on Phoenix.
  20. crossing over
    Judge Blocks Most-Controversial Portions of Arizona Immigration LawA victory for the Obama administration.
  21. crossing over
    Justice Department Could Sue Arizona As Early As TodayArizona shouldn’t be trying to do the federal government’s job.
  22. crossing over
    Obama’s Stirring Immigration Speech Slightly Tainted by Misquote of ‘The New Colossus’Obama goes the sentimental route in major speech on immigration reform.
  23. crossing over
    Did President Obama Reveal His Whole Evil Immigration Plan to GOP Senator?That’s what Arizona senator Jon Kyl claims.
  24. crossing over
    Jan Brewer Still Feeling Good About Arizona Immigration LawState hasn’t been affected by boycott, she says.
  25. america’s sweetheart
    Sarah Palin Thinks All Border States Should Follow Arizona’s LeadOf course she does.
  26. crossing over
    President Obama, Little Girl Would Like Congress to Do Something About Immigration ReformThe human cost of our messed-up immigration situation was on full display today.
  27. crossing over
    Chuck Schumer Is Writing Funny Letters to PeopleHe asks Arizona’s governor to try to delay the state’s immigration law for a year.
  28. crossing over
    New York Law Groups Not Thrilled About Arizona ConferenceIt’s an odd place for a discussion on pro bono representation for immigrants.
  29. Paterson Creates Immigration Review Panel“In New York we believe in renewal … ” the governor says.
  30. crossing over
    So, What’s Happening With Immigration Reform?It’s either definitely happening this year, definitely not happening this year, or maybe happening this year.
  31. copycats
    Oklahoma May Be Following Arizona’s LeadCivil-rights groups already up in arms.
  32. crossing over
    Comptroller John Liu Comes Out in Favor of a Boycott of ArizonaThe momentum continues to build.
  33. crossing over
    Arizona Immigration Law Is Making Life So Awkward for the GOPSome leaders are forced into a defensive, no-win tightrope walk.
  34. clarifications
    AriZona Iced Tea Defends Itself, Reiterates New York RootsA capitalized “z” has never been so important.
  35. crossing over
    City Councilman Hopes to Team Up With Comptroller for Boycott of ArizonaWill New York City take a stand against Arizona’s illegal-immigration law?
  36. crossing over
    New York Legislature to Vote on Boycott of ArizonaAssemblyman Adam Clayton Powell hopes to “create a domino effect.”
  37. crossing over
    Arizona Immigration-Law Fallout Continues in New YorkState lawmakers plan to chain themselves to the border fence.
  38. crossing over
    What Does Arizona’s Immigration Law Reveal About the Tea Party Movement?One columnist wonders what happened to government intrusion.
  39. crossing over
    Arizona Governor: Businesses Want a ‘Safe and Secure Environment’Brewer says new immigration law won’t hurt the state economy’s at all.
  40. crossing over
    Somebody Tasted a Bean Swastika TodayThe immigration debate gets weird.
  41. crossing over
    Democrats Decide to Go for Hispanic Votes Over Environmentalist Votes?The debate over the next Big Issue that Congress will tackle.