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Cruel And Unusual Punishment

  1. cruel and unusual punishment
    Eric Holder Calls for Temporary Halt on U.S. ExecutionsWhile the Supreme Court considers the issue.
  2. cruel and unusual punishment
    Supreme Court Delays 3 Executions in OklahomaAs the court weighs the use of the controversial drug midazolam.
  3. Executions to Resume in Oklahoma, Despite Questions About Lethal-Injection DrugFollowing the botched execution of Clayton Lockett.
  4. cruel and unusual punishment
    Drug in Botched Oklahoma Execution Felt Like ‘Liquid Fire’According to doctors.
  5. cruel and unusual punishment
    Arizona Execution Lasts 2 Hours, Inmate Was Reportedly ‘Gasping and Snorting’ Though state officials insist he was just snoring.
  6. death penalty
    Two Death-Row Inmates Are Scheduled for Execution This WeekThe first since Clayton Lockett’s botched lethal injection.
  7. cruel and unusual punishment
    Oklahoma Delays Execution for 6 Months After Botched Lethal InjectionCharles Warner was scheduled to be executed hours after Clayton Lockett.
  8. cruel and unusual punishment
    Panel Calls for One-Drug Lethal InjectionsUnlike the three used in last week’s botched execution.
  9. the death penalty
    The Horrifying Details of Clayton Lockett’s Torturous Execution in OklahomaA lethal injection failed last night: “It looked like torture.”
  10. criminal justice
    Oklahoma Botches One Inmate’s Execution, Postpones AnotherAfter being declared unconscious, he tried to get up.
  11. crimes and misdemeanors
    Canadian Ecoterrorist Sentenced to Read Malcolm Gladwell in PrisonJudge’s orders.