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  1. cruise ships
    ‘All People’ Should Avoid Cruise Ships, CDC WarnsIn case you needed a government agency to tell you.
  2. ugh
    Yet Another Cruise Ship Has Confirmed COVID OnboardThe first vessel to resume Caribbean sailing is reporting its first coronavirus cases.
  3. coronavirus
    Cruising Returns and a Coronavirus Outbreak FollowsA cruise ship in Norway had at least 41 people test positive for the coronavirus.
  4. vacations
    I Have No Desire to Board a Floating Death TrapA travel agency reports a spike in cruise bookings, but cruises were already bad pre-pandemic. They’re worse now.
  5. coronavirus
    The Last Three Cruise Ships at Sea Are Finally Going HomeAfter months sailing the world, passengers on these coronavirus-free ships are being allowed back on solid ground.
  6. the top line
    Cruise Lines Are Already Getting the Support They Deserve in This CrisisBailout or no, the CARES Act’s support for consumers and tangential businesses, as well as lower interest rates, are helping to prop up the industry.
  7. Man Gets Hit by Sliding-Glass Door, Receives $21.5 Million in DamagesWalking into glass doors has never been this profitable.
  8. a supposedly fun thing
    Jihadis Are Now Taking Cruises to Get to SyriaThere’s just too much focus on Turkish airports.
  9. a supposedly fun thing
    Hospital Worker Tests Negative for Ebola; Caribbean Vacation Still Ruined The unnamed woman left her Carnival cruise ship on Sunday morning.
  10. accidents
    Monday’s Dead Whale May Have Caused Sunday’s Cruise-Ship DelayThis is what it’s like when news trends collide.
  11. international news
    Watch the Costa Concordia Rise From Its Watery Resting PlaceIt’s upright once more!
  12. photo op
    Carnival Triumph Passengers Get SassyWell, it beats shufflepoop.
  13. Worst Cruise Ever Dragging Out As Long As Possible [Updated]Winds, tides, and snapped tow lines are delaying its arrival on shore.
  14. Nearly 70 Still Missing After Cruise Ship Runs Aground Off Italy [Updated]So far three bodies have been recovered.
  15. ink-stained wretches
    New York Times to Host an Education CruiseThe educational vacation series will launch this year and is kind of expensive.
  16. life-changing moments
    Elderly Manhattan Couple Polarizes the Queen MaryGloria Sher made a scene that nobody soon forgot.