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    Antonio Brown and the Specter of CTEThe wide receiver’s erratic behavior has rekindled a conversation the NFL doesn’t want to have.
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    Is This the End of the NFL?Just a few years ago, it was an unassailable empire. Now, suddenly, it’s the fall of Rome.
  3. Tests Show ‘Severe’ CTE in Brain of Former NFL Star Aaron HernandezThe family of the ex-Patriots tight end, who was convicted of murder in 2015, is suing the NFL.
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    By Staying Silent, Roger Goodell and the NFL Have Come Out on TopHow the league’s arch-villain beat back a very loud chorus of critics.
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    Top NFL Official Sort of Admits There’s a Link Between Football and CTEIt’s the first time a high-ranking NFL official has acknowledged the link.
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    The NFL’s Concussion-Research Controversy, ExplainedAn ESPN report looks at whether the NFL steers research away from some uncomfortable truths.
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    QB Ken Stabler Had a Degenerative Brain DiseaseStabler died in July.
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    Advanced CTE Found in Late Former Giants Safety Tyler SashSash died last year at 27.
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    Report: NFL Backs Away From Funding Major Brain StudyThe study, which will now be funded by the NIH, will be overseen by a researcher who’s been critical of the league.
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    You Won’t Watch Football the Same After League of DenialWatch a clip provided exclusively to Daily Intelligencer.