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Cultural Capital

  1. photo op
    Street Artist Endearingly Surprised to Recieve $100,000 PrizeAw.
  2. ballsy crime
    Larry Salander Will Not See Fine Art for a Long TimeThe art dealer heads to jail.
  3. cultural capital
    Peter Brant Still Has Money to BurnThe artist Urs Fisher has sculpted large candles of the tycoon for an exhibit.
  4. statistics
    At Least 1,200 New Yorkers Pay to Shuttle Their Fine Art From Manhattan to the Hamptons Each SummerBecause decorating with seashells is not enough.
  5. Here Is a Portrait of Alan Greenspan in ChapsIt’s a painting, not a photograph, unfortunately. Or maybe fortunately.
  6. cultural capital
    NYU Art Student Mortified About Showing the First Lady of France a Random Dog VideoAwkward.
  7. cultural capital
    Artist Who Made Painting for Goldman Sachs Harbors No Ill Will Toward the Firm“I don’t see it as an evil institution.”
  8. wonderful things
    Artist Jason Polan Plans to Draw Every Single Person in New YorkHe’ll even draw you, if you ask him.
  9. cultural capital
    The View From Stephen Colbert’s WindowAn artist depicts the views prominent New Yorkers see every day.
  10. cultural capital
    Sale of Accused Art Dealer’s Property Hits a SnagIt’s been two years since a judge ordered Larry Salander’s possessions be liquidated, but so far, none of them have been.
  11. cultural capital
    Collectors Turn Out for Lehman Art ‘Trophies’Artwork from the walls of the bankrupt firm had surprising cachet.
  12. cultural capital
    Video: Swingin’ Grandmas Recall Seventies Sex ClubBack in olden times, people did it all the time! On the Upper West Side!
  13. cultural capital
    Art Dealer Larry Salander Arrested, Charged With $88 Million TheftThe former proprietor of the Salander-O’Reilly Galleries has been charged with 100 criminal counts.
  14. cultural capital
    What Celebrities Are Playing: Ping-PongSusan Sarandon goes to a table-tennis event. But it’s at an art gallery, so it’s still cool.
  15. cultural capital
    The Giant Sausage ComethA Brooklyn gallery will show off its sausage this weekend.
  16. cultural capital
    Spencer Tunick Got a Bunch of People Naked in Brooklyn the Other NightThe photographer, known for his live nude installations, got a bunch of people to strip down on election night.
  17. Street Artist Has Awesome, Bossy MuseArtists are driven by many things. Peter Zonis, who sells pastel paintings outside of Barneys, is driven by a hilarious, bossy Australian.
  18. cultural capital
    ‘Ugly Betty’: Changing Lives, One Block at a TimeAmerica Ferrera and friends foster goodwill in Jackson Heights.
  19. cultural capital
    Finally, Someone Made a Rap Video About Olafur Eliasson’s WaterfallsIt does rhyme with “you lyin’ son.”
  20. cultural capital
    Dave Hill Accosts Martha Plimpton in ‘New York’ ElevatorWhen ‘New York’ special correspondent Dave Hill ran into Tony-nominated Martha Plimpton in our Tribeca elevator last week, he couldn’t resist a journalistic urge to question her.
  21. cultural capital
    Developer Mark Mariani Shows Off His Own Personal WaldenThe New Yorker treats us to a surreal tour of the land of hedge funds.
  22. cultural capital
    Will ‘Maid in Manhattan’ Be Made in Manhattan?J.Lo is adapting her 2002 chick flick for the small screen.
  23. cultural capital
    New York Art Kids Skip Internships, Start Their Own GalleryWho needs to slave in an office when you’ve got your parents’ cash — sorry, creative genes.
  24. cultural capital
    The Diminishing Returns of Faux-LesbianismIf there’s one surefire way to gossip-column success, it’s becoming a lesbian. Unfortunately, the ladies the summer seem to have taken things a little bit too far, and now there’s no cachet left to spare.
  25. cultural capital
    Local College Hopes to Attract ‘Unsophisticated’ Students Through Fun Audition ProcessMercy College rolls out the exciting-sounding “Instant Decision Week.” It’s like spring break but with college, or something.
  26. cultural capital
    Bronx Individualist Brought Down by Corporate MachineAll Bronx sandwich-shop owner Anthony Agnello wanted was to combine his two passions: food and sex.
  27. cultural capital
    You Didn’t Actually Want to Use Your iPhone to Communicate, Did You?The new iPhone has captured the hearts and minds of many a New Yorker — but, uh, can you actually get a signal on the thing?
  28. cultural capital
    Gail Sheehy Remembers Clay FelkerNext week’s issue of the magazine will feature an oral history of our late founder’s career both here and elsewhere; we’re giving a preview.
  29. cultural capital
    Tom Wolfe Remembers Clay FelkerNext week’s issue of the magazine will contain an oral history of Clay Felker’s career both here and elsewhere; we’ve got a preview.
  30. cultural capital
    Raffaello Follieri’s Big LieYou have to hand it to Raffaello Follieri: He certainly did have a pair of brass ones.
  31. cultural capital
    New York’s Greatest Divorces: Your Handy GuideChristie Brinkley and Peter Cook’s divorce will be messy, sure — but they’ve got nothing on Donald, Ron, and Rudy. Let’s talk about legends, people.
  32. cultural capital
    Did Don Imus Make Another Racial Gaffe?Don Imus seems to chalk Adam “Pacman” Jones’s criminal record up to his race in an audio clip from this morning’s broadcast. Is he in trouble again? Listen and let us know what you think.
  33. cultural capital
    Who Will Replace Russert? (Seacrest, Shockingly, Not on Short List)Hey, just as long as it’s not O’Reilly, right?
  34. cultural capital
    Makers of Racist Obama Monkey Cease Manufacturing of Racist Obama MonkeyThey are also very sorry that you misinterpreted their attempt to “trancend racial bias.” That’s right, you’re the REAL racist!
  35. cultural capital
    The ‘Times’ Brings the Bitchitude (Sort of) in New Etiquette ColumnAnd we like it!
  36. cultural capital
    Starbucks Shoves Brooklyn Down Your ThroatAnd charges 40 cents extra for it.
  37. cultural capital
    J.Lo Stops by Obama HeadquartersAnd, still, all McCain got was this lousy Montag.
  38. cultural capital
    Fox Apologizes for Calling Michelle Obama a ‘Baby Mama’Yet the network refuses to apologize for making a bad rhyme.
  39. cultural capital
    New Documentary Finds Women Turned On by Pretty Much Anything (Except Dudes)Read on to find out what does turn women on, including — but not limited to — animal sex.
  40. cultural capital
    Wealthy New Yorkers Make Shopping a VirtueDid you know that every time you buy an Escada dress on sale, you are helping the Earth?
  41. cultural capital
    Benjamin Nugent Explains, Exemplifies a Certain Type of New York ‘Nerd’Things mentioned by the ‘American Nerd’ author in an interview include Pianos, Rothko, Mercury Lounge, Veselka, Killers, Tin House, Uncle Vanya’s, Sarah Fan, Art Bar, Neutral Milk Hotel, TMZ, Christian Lorentzen.
  42. cultural capital
    ‘Assassination of Hillary Clinton/Barack Obama’ Exhibit Shut Down“It’s about the media,” the artist cried. “The media!”
  43. cultural capital
    Madonna’s Buns Are Made of Knowledge, Not Steel, Says PaltrowIn the July issue of ‘Bazaar,’ Gwyneth Paltrow spills the secrets Hollywood trainers don’t want you to know about.
  44. cultural capital
    Overheard at the Midnight Screening of ‘Sex and the City’Is ‘Sex and the City’ of interest only to a certain kind of woman and the gay man who shops with her? Pretty much! Three intrepid reporters went out to movie theaters across Manhattan last night to see just who was waiting in line for a midnight showing.
  45. cultural capital
    Discrimination Cause of Gallery Arrest, Lawyer SaysWhen Hamptons Gallery owner Ruth Vered was arrested over the weekend, they said it was for serving alcohol without a permit. But was that the real reason?
  46. cultural capital
    Are New Yorkers Actually Rude? Discuss!Or not. We don’t care what you think anyway!
  47. cultural capital
    Brooklyn to Find Out What Happens When People Stop Being Polite, Start Getting RealIn case you weren’t sure whether Brooklyn was over, MTV assures you that it is.
  48. cultural capital
    Sue Simmons Wants to Know What the F**k You Are DoingWNBC 4 anchor Sue Simmons curses on live television. Uh, back to you, Chuck!
  49. cultural capital
    Are the Friendships in ‘Sex and the City’ One Big Lie?’Sex and the City: The Movie’ premieres in … London? What’s wrong with this picture?
  50. cultural capital
    Mayor Bloomberg Straight Up Snaps at ‘Newsday’ ReporterEnjoy clips of Mayor Bloomberg vehemently objecting to the word “maintain” and Bill O’Reilly having a meltdown in the nineties on ‘Inside Edition.’
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