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  1. politics
    What We’ve Learned About How Kathy Hochul Will Run the ShowFor one thing, she’s definitely seeking reelection next year.
  2. coronavirus
    Stop Using the Term ‘Shelter in Place’ for the Coronavirus CrisisIt’s both misleading and confusing at a moment when public leaders need to be giving very clear instructions to the public.
  3. Cuomo Could Pardon Thousands of Youthful Offenders in the Near FutureAround 10,000 people may be eligible. 
  4. decent pay
    Governor Cuomo to Hike Minimum Wage to $15 an Hour for State Workers Up from $8.75.
  5. Legionnaires’ Outbreak Further Exposes Cuomo–de Blasio ContaminationAnother low point in their already-tainted relationship.
  6. city politics
    Bill de Blasio Doesn’t Bother Going Anonymous to Complain About Cuomo“I’m not going to be surprised if these statements lead to some attempts at revenge.”
  7. Wall Street Cop Ben Lawsky: ‘That Was What Surprised Me, the Obviousness of It’Wall Street cop Ben Lawsky on brazen financial crimes, why cybersecurity is the biggest threat to our financial system, and his newest gig.
  8. soliloquy
    Cuomo’s So Happy Hillary’s Office Is in Brooklyn“Hillary knew what she was doing because in many ways Brooklyn has always represented the heart and soul of the Democratic party.”
  9. city politic
    Who Will Take Round Two of the Charter-School Debate in Albany This Year?Pro-charter-school allies won big last year, but Albany’s dynamics have changed just enough to make that less certain.
  10. city politic
    Sheldon Silver’s Arrest Is Huge, But Preet Bharara Is Waging an Even Bigger CaseHe seems to be headed toward a confrontation with the governor.
  11. city politic
    Introducing Cuomo 2.0The governor’s State of the State introduced an energized agenda for New York. He wouldn’t mind if the rest of the nation were watching, too.
  12. Cuomo’s Fracking Ban Is (Political) Arts and ScienceA surprising win for the governor’s liberal critics.
  13. politics
    Cuomo Kicks Off Israel Tour With Press Conference“We want to stand shoulder to shoulder with Israel.”
  14. 9 11
    Andrew Cuomo Wants a Bigger Role in 9/11 CeremonyHe wants to do more than read a preselected poem.
  15. indian point
    Cuomo Says No Nukes, and Means ItHe looks serious about closing the Indian Point power plant.
  16. marijuana
    Pot-Possession Consequences Take a HitConnecticut decriminalizes possession of small amounts of marijuana.
  17. the greatest depression
    Citi Executives to Maybe Give Up BonusesThis year, they’ll spread the (government) wealth to the little people.
  18. the morning line
    Foiled • Six men from New Jersey and Philadelphia are charged with a bizarre plot to attack Fort Dix with assault weapons; this time, the Feds seem to have all the necessary goods on the plotters, including tapes of weapons training (in rural Pennsylvania!). [NYT] • A huge chunk of Albany’s political elite, from Eliot Spitzer on down, are poised to align themselves with Hillary Clinton in the ‘08 race. Lieutenant Governor David Patterson, Andrew Cuomo, Shelly Silver, et al are all in; Spitzer will announce from Statehouse steps this noon. [amNY] • Mike Bloomberg is not exactly kind to the city’s parkers (who can forget “Stop griping”), but at least he’s fair: The mayor’s annoyed with municipal workers who whip out government car placards in non-emergency situations, and wants to kill the perk. [NYP] • Noticed a rash of nasty labor disputes at big-name restaurants lately? So has the City Council. A new bill, to be introduced today, would empower the Health Department to crack down on eateries with labor and wage violations. Bring on the (inflatable) rats! [MetroNY] • And, teams of sewer workers — with names like the Tallman Island Turd Surfers and the Bowery Bay Bowl Busters — have competed in the twentieth annual Olympics of Sewage Treatment. The Bowery Boys won and will move on to the state finals. That is all. [NYDN]