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  1. life in pixels
    Facebook’s New Competition: The U.S. DollarFacebook just introduced Libra, a new cryptocurrency designed to blow up the global financial system.
  2. last week tonight this morning
    John Oliver Thinks Pennies Are Stupid and Basically Complete GarbageAnd so, apparently, do many Americans. 
  3. islamic state watch
    ISIS Has Its Own Currency NowIt’s not worth much.
  4. mo’ money mo’ problems
    Progressive ISIS Coins Buck Old White Guy TrendFor all the obvious reasons.
  5. the coming econopocalypse
    Geithner Will Tell China to Raise Interest Rates So Consumers Will Spend, Not SaveSometimes it’s hard to form the words “currency manipulation.”
  6. science
    That Thing People Say About Cocaine Being Found on 90 Percent of Dollar Bills Is Actually TrueThis is sad, because the people going around making this claim are the type of people who should never be right.