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  1. Self-Described ‘Real Indian’ Offers Abrasive Challenge to Elizabeth WarrenRepublicans who dislike Warren have a new champion in Shiva Ayyadurai, a Trump fan whose attacks on Warren as a “fake Indian” are relentless.
  2. media
    Curt Schilling Joins BreitbartThe former Red Sox pitcher and Trump supporter will host a daily online radio show featuring political commentary and calls from listeners.
  3. Curt Schilling Should Definitely Run for Elizabeth Warren’s Senate SeatAll-star pitcher and reactionary wing nut Curt Schilling plans to run for the Senate in 2018. That is an extremely good plan.
  4. Curt Schilling Is a Lot Less Popular Than Elizabeth WarrenA new poll suggests he faces (very) long odds in his dream of unseating the Massachusetts senator.
  5. the sports section
    ESPN Edits Bloody-Sock Game Out of DocumentarySaid Schilling on Twitter: “Hmm #integritymuch?
  6. the sports section
    ESPN Fires Curt Schilling for ‘Unacceptable’ ConductA transphobic Facebook post was the last straw for the former Red Sox pitcher.
  7. early and awkward
    Another New England Politician Has Managed to Alienate Every Red Sox FanCandidate for governor in Rhode Island thinks Curt Schilling is a liar.
  8. early and often
    The Personal Politics of Curt SchillingIs he conservative? Liberal? Actually, kind of both.