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  1. the law
    Big Law’s Big HypocritesWhy are self-styled progressive lawyers working for Jeffrey Epstein’s friend, Leon Black?
  2. politics
    Trump Organization, Executive Accused of Tax Fraud to Bankroll Lavish LifestyleThe company is accused of paying him $1.76 million “off the books” in the form of an apartment, Mercedes leases, and more.
  3. the city politic
    Who Will Replace Cy Vance As Manhattan District Attorney?A crowded field of progressives could spell victory for Wall Street’s favored candidate.
  4. 2021 elections
    ‘It’s Not Enough to Be Progressive. You Have to Have Been There.’Tahanie Aboushi is running to be Manhattan DA after her own family was prosecuted.
  5. power
    Manhattan Drops Prosecution of Consensual Sex WorkThe DA will still pursue charges for visiting sex workers and for sex trafficking.
  6. politics
    A Top Mueller Deputy on How to Prosecute TrumpAndrew Weissmann says the Manhattan DA has advantages his old team didn’t. Still, it could come down to flipping the ex-president’s accountant.
  7. politics
    What Happens to the Trump Investigation Without Cy Vance?The Manhattan DA will step down before the biggest case of his or any prosecutor’s life: into an ex-president.
  8. trump tax returns
    Manhattan District Attorney Says Trump Could Be Investigated for Tax FraudIn a filing on Monday, Cyrus Vance announced for the first time that his office had grounds to investigate Trump and his businesses for tax fraud.
  9. trump tax returns
    Trump Ordered to Hand Over 8 Years of Tax Returns to Manhattan DAA federal judge Monday dismissed Trump’s argument that he’s immune from criminal investigation.
  10. trump tax returns
    Manhattan DA Subpoenas 8 Years of Trump Tax ReturnsTrump may not be able to sue this subpoena into submission, as it’s part of a criminal investigation into the payoff of Stormy Daniels.
  11. the city
    High-Flying Cy: How Manhattan DA Vance Spent $250K on Travel and FoodThe prosecutor has tapped a little-scrutinized fund for pricey work trips to London, Paris, and elsewhere over the past five years, records show.
  12. politics
    Is New York State Going to Have Its Own Clergy Sex-Abuse Scandal?New York’s attorney general is demanding records from Catholic leaders across the state. Is a sex-abuse scandal about to break?
  13. the city
    Think Manhattan’s DA Goes Easy on the Rich? Look at How He Prosecutes the Poor.Cyrus Vance Jr., who styles himself a progressive reformer, is actually far more punitive toward poor and minority defendants than his counterparts.
  14. the law
    Why the Manhattan District Attorney Let Harvey Weinstein WalkThis may be less about campaign donations, and more about the fear of going up against a deep-pocketed defendant in a high-profile sex-crime case.
  15. city politic
    Scandal-Plagued Cy Vance Suddenly Has a Write-in ChallengerMarc Fliedner, a Brooklyn civil rights lawyer, has been drafted by Liberal Twitter to take on the Manhattan DA in November. He’s ready.
  16. cyber crime
    Thief Buys Doughnuts With Cy Vance’s Credit CardHe only uses cash.
  17. missing since 1979
    Investigators Increasingly Convinced by Etan Patz Confession Pedro Hernandez seems to have revealed specific details related to the abduction.
  18. investigations
    Greg Kelly Rape Claim Could Come Down to Text Messages [Updated]The local tabloids are each airing doubts about the accusations.
  19. awkward things
    Greg Kelly Asked Cy Vance About DSK CaseNow the subject of an investigation led by the district attorney, Kelly was just asking Vance about sexual assault earlier this week.
  20. early and often
    Frank Rich and Adam Moss Talk About Obama, Wall Street, and Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s Reversal of Fortune“When this administration’s pragmatism risks losing the election anyway, some real course correction would seem essential.”