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  1. iowant to go to sleep
    More Security Isn’t Better SecurityThe Iowa caucuses were crippled by aggressive secrecy and overzealous security measures around their voting app.
  2. cybersecurity
    I Hope Those Memes Were Worth It, Jeff BezosThe crown prince of Saudi Arabia allegedly compromised Bezos’s phone through a virus-laden video sent over WhatsApp.
  3. cybersecurity
    Trump Pick for Cybersecurity Adviser Rudy Giuliani Couldn’t Unlock Phone: ReportShortly after becoming Trump’s cybersecurity adviser, Giuliani visited an Apple Store in San Francisco because he forgot his phone’s passcode.
  4. cybersecurity
    Apple Downplays Enormous iOS Security Hole Found by GoogleThe company issued a rare response to disclosures Google made last week.
  5. cybersecurity
    Cops’ Favorite Phone Hacking Tool Is Being Sold on eBayThe Cellebrite UFED promises to help law enforcement crack into suspects’ phones. If you have $100 and an eBay account, you can now do the same.
  6. privacy
    Judge Rules That Biometrics Are the Same As PasswordsA legal loophole allowing police to compel people to grant access to their phones may soon be closed.
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    Hey, Just a Reminder That Facebook Revealed a Huge Data Breach Last WeekThe company is doing the bare minimum to notify affected users.
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    Only 11 Percent of the State Department’s Devices Are Highly SecureEven the U.S. State Department does not use multi-factor authentication.
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    U.S. Silently Enters New Age of CyberwarfareBuried beneath a mound of political scandal, the Trump administration silently rescinded key regulations limiting the use of destructive cyberweapons.
  10. cyber security
    Inside the Midterm Campaigns’ Fight to Stop Cyber Attacks — Before It’s Too LateEven if campaigns internalize 2016’s lessons — and have yet to be targeted — it’s likely they’re still behind on preempting the next round of threats.
  11. cyber security
    Microsoft Uncovers More Russian Hacking Attempts Ahead of MidtermsThe company seized six sites targeting the U.S. Senate and conservative think tanks, which were created by hackers linked to the Russian government.
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    The Fight to Secure Vulnerable Medical Devices From Hackers“The big problem is that hospitals don’t buy new devices, and they keep using really dangerous ones ad infinitum — until they just stop working.”
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    Russian Cybersecurity Firm Severs Ties With Europol Over ‘Malicious’ ActivityThe alleged Russian conspirators have found themselves at odds with the European Union.
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    Tech Companies Confirm: War BadDozens of tech companies signed a “cybersecurity accord” this week pledging to protect the innocent.
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    Does a Hacker Hero Always Have to Have a Past?Marcus Hutchins single-handedly stopped one of the most dangerous cyberattacks ever. Then the FBI arrested him.
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    A CPU Researcher Explains Why It Took 22 Years to Discover Fundamental Chip FlawA CPU researcher explains all.
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    Your Coffee Shop’s Wi-Fi Could Let Someone Use Your Laptop to Mine BitcoinYet another reason to get a VPN.
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    Your Kid Might Be Able to Unlock Your iPhone XTurns out, the most credible threat to your $1,000 iPhone’s super-high-tech security system is your child.
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    Google Offers ‘Advanced Protection’ for the Most at-Risk UsersJust because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not trying to hack you.
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    iOS 11’s Misleading Settings Leave Your iPhone Seriously Vulnerable to AttackiOS 11’s always-on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi settings pose some serious security risks.
  21. Report: John Kelly’s Personal Cell Phone Was HackedPresident Trump’s chief of staff gave the device to White House tech support earlier this summer complaining of problems.
  22. Trump Blocks Chinese Investor From Taking Over U.S. Tech FirmThe administration concluded that the deal would have given the Chinese government too much influence over America’s supply of semiconductors.
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    Cybersecurity Researcher Who Stopped Ransomware Attack Indicted in the U.S.He allegedly created and sold a popular banking Trojan.
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    Senate Has Rare Good Idea to Secure the Internet of ThingsThe bipartisan measure would require new features for federal tech vendors.
  25. bad ideas
    Trump Agrees That His U.S.-Russia Cybersecurity Unit Will Never WorkThe president reversed himself after the idea was panned by both Democrats and Republicans.
  26. cybersecurity
    Russian Hackers Infiltrated U.S. Energy Business NetworksThere is no sign that the power-plant control systems were affected by the breaches.
  27. if you can’t beat them
    Trump Wants to Work With Russia to Prevent Future Election MeddlingIt seems more than likely that Trump has just shrugged off Russia’s attack on last year’s presidential election, including to Putin himself.
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    Petya Ransomware Cripples Ukrainian and Russian ComputersIt’s spreading and nobody knows who’s behind it.
  29. cybersecurity
    Report: Trump Has Done Next to Nothing to Prevent Future Election HackingThe Trump administration doesn’t seem to be taking the threat of future Russian election interference very seriously.
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    New ‘Industroyer’ Virus Is Designed to Take Down Power GridsHow do you say “lights out” in Russian?
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    This Ransomware Uses Pics of Sick Kids to Lure in VictimsAstoundingly immoral malware.
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    It’s So Easy to Infect Macs With Ransomware, You Could Do ItNo coding skills required.
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    Subtitle Virus Gave Hackers Full Control to Victims’ CPUIf you’re reading this, it’s too late.
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    Trump’s Gaudy Hotels Are a Huge Cybersecurity ProblemUnprotected Wi-Fi networks and printers have big implications.
  35. cybercrime
    Cybersecurity Experts Worry That Ransomware Crisis Could Get Worse on MondayWhile the original malware used in Friday’s worldwide attack was shut down, many computers are likely still vulnerable to new variants.
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    Donald Trump Signs Executive Order on CybersecurityAt least it won’t plunge the government into chaos.
  37. french presidential race
    On Eve of French Presidential Election, Macron Campaign Claims It Was HackedSome security experts believe the attack came from the same Russia-linked hackers who sought to disrupt the U.S. election.
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    Hey: Don’t Click That Weird Google Docs Link You Just GotA new phishing scheme is slamming people’s in-boxes.
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    Your 2-Step, 14-Word Guide to Comprehensive Digital SecurityIt’s a scary time out there for computer security — but the tools to protect your privacy are easier to implement than you might expect.
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    How Many of These Cybersecurity Questions Could You Answer Correctly?We’re screwed.
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    Just How Safe Does That HTTPS Green Padlock Keep You?Just because you see that green padlock at the top of your browser, don’t assume you’re completely safe.
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    How a Viral Tweet Overwhelmed the Nation’s 911 Call CentersAll it took was Twitter and a shortened link.
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    How to Build Donald Trump a Trump-Proof PhoneHow to protect the commander-in-chief from himself.
  44. Want to Talk to Trump? Hit Up His Old CellHe’ll call you back on his new phone if he likes you.
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    We’re Building a World-Size Robot, and We Don’t Even Realize ItWe’ve created an internet that senses, thinks, and acts. How can we protect ourselves if it goes wrong?
  46. Donald Trump Is Still Using His Unsecured Personal Cell PhoneIt’s beginning to look like the president’s outrage over Hillary Clinton’s email habits may not have been entirely sincere.
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    Hackers Abandon Attempt to Sell Alleged NSA Hacking ToolsThe Shadow Brokers return to the shadows.
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    How to Safely Enjoy All That Free Subway Wi-FiNearly every underground subway station is now wired for free Wi-Fi. Here’s how to use it without worry.
  49. cybersecurity
    Alleged Russian Malware Found on Vermont Utility’s LaptopIt’s not clear how the malicious code got on the computer, but the power grid was not compromised.
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    Here’s What We Actually Know About the Russian HacksFancy Bear and Cozy Bear are not as cute as their names sound.
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