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    What a Hacked Election Would Actually Look LikeMisinformation can be even more lethal than technical know-how.
  2. President Obama Is Ready for a Postelection Cyberwar With RussiaThe White House is reportedly watching closely for Russian interference.
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    You Should Sign Up for LastPass NowUsing this password manager won’t cost you a thing. Even on multiple devices.
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    Who Is Attacking the Companies That Maintain the Internet?They’re only doing test runs. For now.
  5. Trump Likens the ‘Psychology’ of His Supporters to That of ISIS RecruitsThis might be the most bonkers quote of his campaign.
  6. What We Learned About Cyber Warfare From the Heroes of StuxnetSymantec’s Eric Chien and Liam O’Murchu and documentarian Alex Gibney discuss Zero Days, the new film about cyber warfare and the Stuxnet virus.
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    Envisioning the Hack That Could Take Down New York CityThe day cars drove themselves into walls and the hospitals froze. A scenario that could happen based on what already has.
  8. Tumblr Got Hacked 3 Years Ago and Only Just Found OutEveryone’s passwords have already been reset.
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    FBI Paid Sketchy Hackers to Break Into San Bernardino Shooter’s iPhoneApple who?
  10. Report: Israeli Firm Is Helping FBI Crack San Bernardino iPhoneUnsurprisingly, they haven’t commented.
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    FBI May Not Need Apple to Unlock Shooter’s iPhoneFeds have gone elsewhere for tech support.
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    Feds Get San Bernardino Victims’ Backing in Fight With AppleThe survivors will file a legal brief supporting the government’s efforts to unlock the shooter’s iPhone.
  13. Apple Opposes Order to Unlock San Bernardino Shooter’s PhoneApple claims that unlocking Syed Farook’s iPhone would threaten the cybersecurity of all Americans.
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    The Key Lesson of the Ashley Madison Hack — Even for Non-AdulterersHow to know when to hand over sensitive data — and when not to.
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    22.1 Million People Compromised in Hack of Government Personnel DataIf you even know someone who’s had a background check, you may be affected.
  16. russia remembers what obama had for lunch yesterday
    Russian Hackers Reportedly Trying to Keep Tabs on Obama’s ScheduleMaybe not using official State Department email is a good idea?
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    Washington Post Hacked AgainChinese hackers suspected this time.
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    Chinese Hackers Getting Back to Work on Mysterious American CompaniesTheir exact targets aren’t known.
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    United States Officially Calls Out Chinese Government’s HackersIt did not mince words.
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    Meet ‘Comment Crew,’ China’s Military-Linked HackersThe Times has an address for the hackers it thinks attacked the paper.
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    What in the Name of SOPA and PIPA Is the Cybersecurity Bill CISPA?A new cybersecurity bill drawing the ire of the web could pass in the House this week.
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    Some Competitive Country Hacked Just About EveryoneIt’s being called “the biggest transfer of wealth in terms of intellectual property in history.”