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  1. the law
    Trump’s Cowardly Dodge on DACAThe president has again demonstrated that the rule of law is a nonconcern for his administration.
  2. Will Congress Save Dreamers From Their Trump-Induced Nightmare?Here’s why the congressional GOP might pass protections for DACA recipients – and why they might not.
  3. immigration
    Trump Asks for a ‘Way Out’ on DACA, Aides Offer a Sloppy DodgeIt seems they decided not to tell him the states’ September 5 deadline is irrelevant.
  4. Reports: Trump to End DACA With 6-Month DelayIt’s likely up to Congress to save the program now.
  5. Paul Ryan Backs Bill to Give Dreamers Legal StatusThe Speaker urges Trump not to end DACA — and Congress to give undocumented people who were raised in America permanent legal status.
  6. the law
    Disowning Dreamers Would Be Donald Trump’s Worst Deal YetHe seems to be letting himself get hoodwinked by a meaningless threat.
  7. Trump May End DACA — and Still Hold Dreamers HostageA reported go-slow approach to rescinding DACA is compatible with a strategy of making Dreamers part of a broader immigration deal.
  8. What Trump Should Tell Houston’s DreamersMore than 56,000 in the storm-ravaged city could be affected by the president’s policy change.
  9. Report: President Trump Is ‘Likely’ to End DACAThe program covers nearly 800,000 young people in the U.S.
  10. Could Trump Hold Dreamers Hostage for Border-Wall Funding?The administration may be forced by the courts to cancel protection for Dreamers. So it could be time for a grand bargain to get border-wall funding.
  11. 780,000 Dreamers in Danger of DeportationTrump may be pushed by a lawsuit to keep his 2016 promise to kill DACA and deport Dreamers — or they could become a pawn for nativists in Congress.
  12. Making Sense of Trump’s Announcement About DreamersHe left in place a policy protecting young undocumented immigrants while canceling protections for their parents. It’s unclear what’s next.
  13. immigration
    Sessions Says He ‘Can’t Promise’ That Dreamers Won’t Be DeportedHe clarified the Trump administration’s stance after a 23-year-old, who claims he had DACA status, was deported.