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  1. Gay Couples Can Now Have Their Union Performed by a Military ChaplainThings are moving quickly, post-DADT!
  2. don’t ask don’t tell
    Not Telling: Why I Won’t Come Out to My TroopsA platoon leader explains why the repeal of DADT hasn’t changed things for her.
  3. ask … tell!
    Appeals Court Orders DADT to Cease ImmediatelyThe Pentagon had been taking its time.
  4. ask … tell!
    DADT Repeal: The Long and Winding RoadAt the beginning of the gay rights movement, opposition to the military was taken for granted. Now the right to enlist in it is a milestone on the way to full equality.
  5. don’t ask don’t tell
    And the Pentagon Survey Says … Troops Think Being Openly Gay Isn’t That Big a DealThe No. 1 answer was: I’m not really sure what the fuss is about.
  6. gays
    President Obama Leads the Gayest Federal Government EverHe’s made more gay appointments than any president in history.
  7. equal rites
    Obama Administration’s Appeal Against Gay Marriage Doesn’t Bode Well for ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’This doesn’t look good.
  8. gays
    Two Officers Arrested for Chaining Selves to White House Fence in Protest of ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’And Kathy Griffin was there!
  9. people are stupid
    Americans Like Gays More Than They Like HomosexualsDamn you, words!