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Daffy Old Folks

  1. old crime
    ‘Feisty Granny’ Trashes Couple’s HouseThe old: You can’t trust ‘em.
  2. daffy old folks
    Today in Old Ladies Who Live With Dead BodiesA woman kept her husband’s body for fourteen days to ensure he wasn’t trying to trick her so he could start a new life with his mistress.
  3. fauxialites
    At Least Nydia Vegas Reeves Knows How to Make an EntranceA notorious ‘faux’cialite sweeps back into town.
  4. old crime
    Inspired by Nigerian Scam Artists, Grandma Turns to Life of CrimeIs Nigerian Syndrome the new Stockholm Syndrome?
  5. daffy old folks
    Wacky Old Couple in Jell-O CaperA couple of sexagenarians are busted for what at first seemed like a fool-poof operation.
  6. the oracle of omaha
    Warren Buffett Is Literally a Rock Star NowThe Oracle performs a power ballad.
  7. daffy old folks
    Cootfight Gets UglyOld men at war with each other: not a pretty sight.
  8. a good time was had by all
    Larry King Had His ‘Privates’ Fondled at the AirportAirport security people have all the luck.
  9. old folks say the darndest things
    Larry King Asks Johnny Weir How It Feels to Be So ‘Fierce’Johnny Weir: “Kathy Griffin would be very excited for you right now.”
  10. old crime
    The Old Have Gone BadThe recession is causing a wave of old crime, as the elderly steal to feed their habits.
  11. hilarity
    Volcker: Excessive Risk Is ‘Like Pornography, You Know It When You See It’Humor at today’s Senate Banking Committee hearing.
  12. Senior Citizens Spar, Wheelchair Wielded As WeaponIt’s kind of like ‘Murderball’ meets ‘War of the Roses,’ but with senior citizens.
  13. Jimmy Cayne on Tim Geithner: ‘This Guy Thinks He’s Got a Big Dick. He’s Got Nothing, Except Maybe a Boyfriend’The former Bear Stearns CEO also called the former New York Fed chairman, now Treasury secretary, a “clerk,” but that kind of pales compared to the rest of his rant.
  14. Septuagenarian Finance Worker Robs BankThe statistics on Old Crime are going to be insane this year.