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  1. daily show
    Obama Once Pitched His Policy Ideas to Jon Stewart at the White HouseThe retiring Daily Show host had a few meetings with the president. 
  2. bill de blasio
    Bill de Blasio Takes Controversial Stand Against Height Equality“You feel like you’re going to stay six-foot-seven? It’s fine, you’re not going to give any of that away?” 
  3. young money
    Kevin Roose Talks Young Money on the Daily Show“You’d have to be a little bit disgruntled or just sort of dumb to talk to a reporter.”
  4. de mayor
    De Blasio Mocks Bloomberg, Learns to Eat Pizza in Daily Show DebutAnd gets a (not so) Big Gulp.
  5. stop and frisk
    The Daily Show Imagines Stop-and-Frisk for White People“If you don’t want to be associated with white-collar crime, maybe you shouldn’t dress that way.”
  6. John Oliver on Hosting His First Daily Show: ‘This Is Weird’Oliver did a good job, though. 
  7. the racie for gracie
    Jon Stewart Nips Mayoral Speculation in the BudWith a Weiner joke.
  8. the national interest
    Jon Stewart Flunks EconA strange ideological convergence.
  9. cable news news
    Jon Stewart Slams Fox News’s Hypocrisy Over Gore’s Al Jazeera DealGuess what Al Gore and Rupert Murdoch have in common.
  10. cable news catfights
    Jon Stewart: Fox News Is ‘the Biggest Bunch of Crybabies I Have Dealt With in My 30 Years in Washington’The Comedy Central host uses Chris Wallace’s words against him.
  11. equal rites
    Daily Show Picks Up on One of the Many Elements of Absurdity in Albany This WeekNamely: corn.
  12. bons mots
    Bloomberg: Jon Stewart ‘Without a Doubt One of the Biggest Factors’ in Passing 9/11 BillThe ‘Times’ asks: “Is Stewart our Edward R. Murrow?”
  13. september 11
    Jon Stewart’s Takedown of GOP Opposition to the Zadroga Bill Is Practically Operatic“God Bless the USA.”
  14. future trivia questions
    The Many Presidential Firsts of Barack ObamaFrom first black president to the first president to travel to Pakistan before becoming president, Obama’s presidential firsts both significant and utterly trivial.
  15. the two most important people in the world
    Stewart and Obama: The Ambiguously Earnest DuoBarack Obama and Jon Stewart haggle over the meaning of “change you can believe in.”
  16. jon stewart
    Jon Stewart Basically Takes High Road in Regard to Rick Sanchez“[It’s] a chance to get in touch with, not our dirtier, but our better Sanchezes.”
  17. jon stewart
    Jon Stewart Jokes About Rick Sanchez“All [Sanchez] has to do is apologize to us, and we’ll hire him back.”
  18. gop
    John Boehner’s Rhetoric Hasn’t Changed Much in Twelve Years“This thing’s not even a sequel; it’s like a shot-by-shot remake,” Stewart says.
  19. don’t ask don’t tell
    Jon Stewart Asks, ‘Are We Run by Assholes?’“How does a popular bill not become a law?”
  20. ground zero mosque
    Mayor Bloomberg: If You Don’t Like the Mosque, ‘You Don’t Have to Go’The mayor keeps speaking out on ‘The Daily Show.’