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Dallas Ebola Patient

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    The Dallas Ebola Patient’s Fiancée Has a Book DealIn bookstores Order online this April.
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    Dallas Ebola Victim’s Family Reaches a Settlement With HospitalThe undisclosed sum will go to his family and to a foundation to fight Ebola in Liberia.
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    Another Dallas Health-Care Worker Has Ebola; Hospital Was Woefully UnpreparedThose who treated Thomas Eric Duncan didn’t have the right gear.
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    Dallas Officials Aren’t Dog Killers, Will Save Ebola Nurse’s PupJustice.
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    Texas Health Worker Tests Positive for Ebola The patient reportedly had “extensive contact” with Thomas Eric Duncan. 
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    Dallas Ebola Patient Apologized for Exposing ‘the Love of My Life’His condition has slightly improved.
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    The Dallas Ebola Patient Isn’t Doing WellThe head of the CDC says Thomas Eric Duncan is “fighting for his life.”
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    The Inhuman Heroism of Health-Care Workers in the Ebola Zone The acts required to impose isolation on an infected population are brave and terrible.