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Damn Emails

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    Hillary Clinton Blames F.B.I. Director James Comey for Her DefeatShe told campaign donors that Comey’s second letter, two days before the election, did the most damage.
  2. damn emails
    FBI Director Again Clears Clinton After Review of New Email TroveDirector Comey violated Justice Department policy and surely influenced a presidential election for no reason.
  3. Hillary Clinton Is Just Gonna Run Out the Clock on This Email ThingClinton will not be responding to the latest email brouhaha. Instead, she’ll kick back and watch Trump continue to lose this election.
  4. Donald Trump Unveils Actual Plan to ‘Lock Her Up’Since the Clinton-loving FBI can’t be trusted, Trump is promising to appoint a “special prosecutor” to investigate his rival after the election.
  5. New Emails Reveal That Huma Abedin’s Job at the State Department Kind of SuckedNewly released State Department emails suggest the Clinton aide spent a lot of her time answering odd requests from Clinton Foundation donors.
  6. Paul Ryan Asks Feds to Keep Presidential Front-runner Unprepared for OfficeThe House Speaker argues that Hillary Clinton should not receive classified briefings during the fall campaign, as punishment for her mishandling of classified information while secretary of State.
  7. FBI Gives Clinton a Public Shaming — But No Charges — for Email ScandalFBI director James Comey says Clinton’s handling of State Department emails was “extremely careless,” but still doesn’t meet the threshold for criminal charges.