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  1. john ratcliffe
    In John Ratcliffe, Trump Finds an Intelligence Chief Willing to Look Past RussiaRepresentative John Ratcliffe’s statements at the Mueller testimony suggest Trump has found a DNI chief as skeptical of the Russia threat as he is.
  2. trump administration
    Coats Finally Out, Trump Picks Rep. Ratcliffe to Be New DNIA Cabinet member who was willing to contradict the president is leaving, and a Trump loyalist who tried to discredit Mueller is set to replace him.
  3. foreign policy
    U.S. Intel Chief Disputes Trump on North Korea and ISISKim Jong-un isn’t giving up his nukes and ISIS isn’t defeated, Dan Coats said Tuesday.
  4. politics
    DNI Coats Swears He Meant No Disrespect to TrumpHe insists that his bewildered reaction to Trump’s White House invitation to Putin has been misunderstood.
  5. Spy Chief Dan Coats Goes ‘Rogue’ by Not Validating Trump’s Russia ContradictionsAfter standing by U.S. intelligence officials’ Russia assessments and chuckling about Putin’s White House invite, Coats might face the Trump’s wrath.
  6. CNN: Intel Chiefs Say Trump Asked Them to Deny Russia CollusionDan Coats and Mike Rogers reportedly told investigators it seemed more like a suggestion than an order.
  7. Intel Chiefs Refuse to Say If Trump Asked Them to Influence Russia ProbeTrump did not tell them to influence the investigation, they said, but they refused to say if he asked.
  8. Trump Picks Dan Coats As Director of National IntelligenceOn paper a safe choice, the former senator is a bit old for the turf fights he will have to resolve, and is another symbol of the Washington “swamp.”
  9. money talks
    Bailed-Out Companies Throw Cash at Anti-Bailout CandidatesIt’s a logical move, like throwing tea off the side of the boat.