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  1. Mannequin Dancing Is the Only Viral Content That Matters Right NowCan’t. Stop. Watching.
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    Some Days All You’ve Got Is the Skeleton DanceSome days, the rhythm hits you. Some days, all you’ve got is enthusiasm.
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    ‘Grinding’ Rocks Small Vermont Town, Highlights Generation Gap“This is our way of dancing, even if they find it vulgar.”
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    Merce Cunningham Is No Longer ‘Nearly Ninety’The legendary choreographer celebrated his birthday among friends at a performance of his newest work last night.
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    Limbo-Loving 9/11 Shyster to Dance His Way Behind BarsA September 11 survivor who faked an injury gets two and a half years in jail.
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    O’Reilly Pledges More Blowups for Gays to Turn Into Dance Mash-upsThe blustery Fox News host was a little bit funny last night about a clip of him flipping out twenty years ago that just surfaced online. The gays, however, were way funnier.
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    Step It Up and Kick: The Rockette AuditionsWe talked to five Rockette hopefuls as they waited to audition. They looked smiley to us!
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    Why, Yes, We Can Show You an Underground Burlesque Show Been looking for an underground burlesque show that operates weekly at undisclosed locations around the city? We can’t tell you where the Blushing Diamond Revue is — though it’s definitely not in the garment district right now — but we can show you what you’re missing. Emcee Norman assures us that this is a traditional burlesque: “all the girls are girls.” Are they! Miss Harvest Moon strips while hula-hooping, one dancer’s pasties go flying, and the crowd cheers all the old-timey fun. Want to find the show for yourself? First, watch the video. The Blushing Diamond Revue [Video] Sex and Love [NYM]
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    His Video Clip Will Touch You, Even Though He Can’t Edward Scissorhands is coming to BAM in March, but it’s not the familiar old Tim Burton movie. Nope, this version is a dance play, directed and choreographed by Matthew Bourne and with original music by Terry Davies. The preview video clip alone is worth the price of admission (which for the video, come to think of it, is free). It’s weird and oddly entrancing, and for some reason — the music, the slo-mo — it reminds us of a credit-card ad, or maybe a De Beers commercial. Even weirder. Video Preview: Edward Scissorhands [BAM.org]
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    ‘Spring Awakening’ Choreographer Bill T. Jones Doesn’t Wear JeansName: Bill T. Jones Age: 54 Job: Dancer and choreographer; choreographer of Spring Awakening, which opened on Broadway Sunday to rave reviews Neighborhood: Rockland County Who’s your favorite New Yorker, living or dead, real or fictional? Ratso, the character Dustin Hoffman plays in Midnight Cowboy. What’s the best meal you’ve eaten in New York? Seafood sausage at Chanterelle. In one sentence, what do you actually do all day in your job? Thinking about dances, making dances, and figuring out how to pay for the making of dances.