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  1. Hillary Clinton Reveals Plan for a ‘Big, National Dance Party’It’s her proposal for closing America’s “fun deficit.”
  2. Please Enjoy This Video of an Army of Robots Setting a Dancing World RecordLook at them go.
  3. You Have to Watch the Unbelievable Dance Moves of ‘Malaysian Drake’It’s time for a dance-off.
  4. dance debate
    Bernie Sanders Dances on EllenThe presidential candidate also reveals that he has been in handcuffs — but he doesn’t “know exactly what you mean by that.”
  5. mobama
    Is Michelle Obama a Better Dancer Than Your Mom?Probably, but you should still watch this video.
  6. secretary of awesome
    Now We Know What Kind of Dancer Hillary Clinton IsA pretty decent one!
  7. bummers
    ‘Barstool Blackout’ Party at Roseland Ballroom Lacked a Key Element Sorry, kids. 
  8. presidential boogie
    Charles Barkley: Obama Can’t DanceBut Pelosi’s got moves.
  9. all the president’s moves
    Watch Sixteen Politicians and Dignitaries Get Their Groove OnWho’s got the moves?
  10. made-off
    Watch Bernie Madoff Boogie on the Dance FloorDoing the drop-it-like-it’s-hot move with daughter-in-law Stephanie.
  11. early and awkward
    This Video of David Weprin Dancing Will Haunt YouYou’ve been warned.
  12. science
    Science: Women Are Attracted to Men Who Dance ‘Flamboyantly’Oh, WOMEN. No wonder you can’t stay happy.
  13. today in astor-ia
    Yeah, Brooke Astor Was Crazy… on the dance floor!
  14. those were the 100 days
    Bailouts, Bankers, Brackets, and Bo: Obama’s First 100 DaysLet’s relive all of the memorable moments we’ve already forgotten.
  15. great moments in rnc history
    Republican Dance Party Yields Awesome ‘Barracuda ’08’ VideoWell, basically everyone.