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Daniel Pantaleo

  1. nypd
    NYPD Officer Michael Reynolds Resigns Over Racist 2018 Home InvasionBut little that he did diverged from what NYPD officers often do on the job.
  2. police brutality
    NYPD Head Sends Parting Shots at Eric Garner While Firing His Killer“He should’ve decided against resisting arrest,” NYPD Commissioner James O’Neill said of Eric Garner.
  3. new york city
    NYPD Fires Daniel Pantaleo Over Eric Garner’s DeathMore than five years after Garner’s death, Pantaleo is punished for putting him in a chokehold.
  4. daniel pantaleo
    Judge Recommends Officer Who Choked Eric Garner Be FiredIt may be the end of the line for Daniel Pantaleo, more than five years after his lethal actions reverberated across the country.
  5. democratic debates
    ‘Fire Pantaleo’ Chant Emerges at the Second Democratic DebateIn the debate’s opening remarks, protesters yelled “Fire Pantaleo,” referring to the officer whose choked Eric Garner and remains in the NYPD.
  6. eric garner
    Officer Won’t Face Federal Charges in Eric Garner’s DeathA day before the five-year anniversary of Garner’s death, the DOJ lets Daniel Pantaleo off the hook.
  7. black lives matter
    NYPD Union Lawyers Claim Eric Garner Would’ve Died Anyway Because He Was ObeseDaniel Pantaleo’s defense team is essentially arguing that the 43-year-old black man killed himself.
  8. new york’s finest
    Garner Grand Jury Didn’t Consider Lesser ChargesSuch as reckless endangerment.
  9. new york’s finest
    Live Blog: Grand Jury Announces No Charges in Death of Eric Garner NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo has been cleared.
  10. new york’s finest
    Cop Who Put Eric Garner in Chokehold Has Been Accused of Misconduct Before NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo has been sued twice for civil-rights violations.