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  1. Bachelorette Contestant Learns Important Lesson: Never Explain a MemeIt’s a terrible idea all-around.
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    Unknown Meme Terrorists SWATed Josh Holz, the Creator of ‘Damn, Daniel’“Ever since their video has gone out there, they’ve received a number of what they call strange phone calls and emails,” Riverside police lieutenant Kevin Townsend told KABC.
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    Brown Student Has Pretty Convincing Explanation for This Whole ‘Hurricane’ ThingIt’s a government conspiracy!
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    Obama and Wall Street: Not Actually in a Fight?Finance types might not be publicly supporting Obama the same way they did four years ago, but they haven’t run away to the GOP — yet.
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    Here’s Something You Don’t Expect to See When You Go to the Bathroom at Daniel“There was Charlie standing there naked with cocaine all over his face!”
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    Daniel Picketed! When you drop $216 on dinner for two – that’s with one drink and a tip, of course – you naturally expect what Zagat reviewers have dubbed a “luxurious temple” of “fine dining” where the “flawless” New French fare is “enthralling,” the wines “wonderful,” service “seamless,” and the “exquisite room” “adorned with gorgeous flowers.” What you might less expect, however, is a “labor war” “brewing” “out front.” But that’s just what diners at Daniel – a 28/28/28, if you’re keeping track at home – discovered when they arrived Tuesday night. Grubbie Josh Ozersky explains that Mr. Boulud is battling a group called the Restaurant Opportunities Center of New York, and he lays out the terms of the battle on Grub Street. Daniel Under Attack! (Again) [Grub Street]