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Danielle Chiesi

  1. the good ship galleon
    We Will Have to Wait at Least 30 Months for Danielle Chiesi’s Reality-TV ShowThe ex-trader was not camera-shy at her sentencing yesterday.
  2. good ship galleon
    What We’ve Learned About Wall Street From Watching the Raj Rajaratnam TrialWe learned it from watching you, Raj!
  3. good ship galleon
    The Sexy Side of (Alleged) Massive Insider-Trading SchemesWell, as sexy as all this can get.
  4. the good ship galleon
    Galleon Accomplice Danielle Chiesi Also Kind of a Pothead“She walked into the hallway of her Manhattan apartment, worried about letting the agents in because they might find a marijuana joint.”
  5. the good ship galleon
    Sultry Galleon Accomplice to Plead GuiltyDanielle Chiesi heads to court.
  6. unhappy endings
    Former IBM Executive Realizes He Was ‘Played’ by Galleon MistressHe gave her inside information based on “a misguided desire to appear important and knowledgeable.”
  7. innovation
    Wall Street May Have to Develop Complex System of Hand Signals, Gestures, to Communicate Shittiness of DealsNot only can they not curse on e-mail, financiers soon might not even be able to curse on the phone.
  8. beach reading
    Trading Inside Information Was ‘Like an Orgasm’ for Danielle ChiesiA “classic tale of desire and betrayal” from, er, ‘Fortune.’
  9. slips of the tongue
    Yup, Former IBM Chief and Galleon Accomplice Were Boning, U.S. Attorney’s Office ConfirmsWhat? He wouldn’t have mentioned it if it weren’t germane to the case.
  10. white men with broken hearts
    Former IBM Executive Gets Misty After Pleading Guilty to Insider TradingBob Moffat was just trying to help out his “friend.”
  11. ballsy crime
    Raj Rajaratnam and Danielle Chiesi Plead Not Guilty to Insider TradingBut one of them is guilty, at least, of being sultry in the first degree!
  12. ballsy crime
    Criminal Charges Filed Against Galleon Founder, AccompliceRaj Rajaratnam and Danielle Chiesi are indicted.
  13. ballsy crime
    Analyst Who Fed Raj Rajaratnam Inside Information Was a Total CougarOr was, until she was indicted.