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    Devorah Rose Has Clearly Decided Publicly Hating on Tinsley Mortimer Is Her Only Shot at FameIf only people cared about Tinsley Mortimer, they might care about Devorah.
  2. gossipmonger
    Madonna Won’t Stop Texting A-RodAnd more the-stars-are-just-like-us tales, in our daily gossip roundup.
  3. gossipmonger
    Molly Sims and Aaron Eckhart Are DatingThe rest of us should just give up on life.
  4. summering
    Katie Lee Joel Is Looking for Good BunsOur last East End gossip roundup of the summer!
  5. party lines
    Don’t Touch Mark Ruffalo’s StuffAt Sunday’s premiere of ‘Blindness,’ Mark Ruffalo falsely accused his castmates of hiding his bag during a rehearsal in which the actor was blindfolded.
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    Alex Rodriguez Still Dating Cynthia Look-alikesPlus, everything else you need to know from today’s gossip columns.
  7. party lines
    Danny Glover on His Flower-Child Days: ‘I Wore Bell Bottoms, Platform Shoes, Edwardian Coats’The ‘Lethal Weapon’ star, who grew up around Haight Ashbury, used to watch Sly Stone rehearse in his friend’s basement down the street.
  8. in other news
    Pittsburgh Says Raffaello Follieri Is the PitsGod-loving folks in Pittsburgh are cranky that Anne Hathaway’s boyfriend, Italian developer Raffaello Follieri, has neglected to develop four dilapidated churches he bought from the Pittsburgh Diocese earlier this year. “Everything’s overgrown,” area resident Susan Kilgore complained to local news channel WTAE Channel 4. “They need to do something.” Follieri, who is being sued by his investor Ron Burkle for misappropriation of funds related to such nondevelopment of churches and who is, according to a Wall Street Journal story back in September, generally shady, declined to be interviewed by local reporters, although he apparently did offer them this awesome statement: “Neither development companies nor Rome were ever built in a day or with a linear budget.” He added that everyone can expect the new churches to be ready in time for the Rapture. Anne Hathaway’s Boyfriend Sued By Pittsburgh Penguins Owner Ron Burkle [Pittsburgh Channel] Earlier: Daily Intel’s Coverage of Celebrity Semi-Power Couple Hathaello