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Danny Pang

  1. joy and pang
    Danny Pang’s Death Ruled a SuicideAccused of fraud, the financier decided it was better to burn out than to fade away.
  2. ballsy crime
    The Life and Loves of Danny PangDanny Pang conducted romantic as well as financial fraud.
  3. r.i.pang
    Danny Pang Had Barbiturates, Pot in His System When He DiedBut his lawyer says it wasn’t suicide.
  4. ballsy crime
    Danny Pang Dies As Mysteriously As He LivedThe California financier, accused of running an $83 million Ponzi scheme, has died.
  5. The Idea That Danny Pang Would Have A Secret Girlfriend Is Just OutrageousHow the SEC could suggest a thing is beyond his lawyers’ comprehension.
  6. ballsy crime
    Danny Pang Believes Himself to Be InnocentAll he did was make some administrative assistants happy.
  7. ballsy crime
    Danny Pang Took $83 Million From His FirmHe distributed it to his wife, his bookie, and some plump, happy office assistants.
  8. ballsy crime
    Alleged Fraudster Danny Pang Was Kind of an Awesome BossCalifornia financier Danny Pang has been accused of many bad things, but being boring is not one of them.
  9. crime
    Danny Pang Is on Stucco ArrestThe California financier, accused of fraud, does not have it quite as good as Bernie Madoff.
  10. ballsy crime
    FBI Arrests Danny PangThe California financier heads to the big house.
  11. ballsy crime
    Danny Pang’s ‘Religious Pilgrimage’ Interrupted by SEC Fraud ChargesThe California financier has been charged with fraud, but it seems he is indisposed at the moment.
  12. ballsy (alleged) crime
    Danny Pang Decides Maybe It’s Best to Take a Little Time OffIn light of a front-page story painting him as an epic liar, Ponzi schemer, and maybe-murderer, the private-equity head steps down.
  13. ballsy crime
    And the Title for Most Insane Alleged Fraud of 2009 (So Far) Goes To…Danny Pang! What a guy!