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    Facebook ‘Sorry’ About Bug That Exposed Unposted Photos From 6.8 Million UsersThe bug existed for 12 days in September.
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    Marriott Hack Potentially Affects 500 Million, But Probably Not ProfitsIf confirmed, the hack would be the second largest in history. But looking at past precedent, the company likely won’t suffer real consequences.
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    Facebook Says Hack Hit 50 Million AccountsFacebook forced 90 million users to log out of their accounts on Friday as a precaution.
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    21 Million Impacted in Timehop Data BreachHeads up, Timehoppers!
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    Well, It Looks Like Equifax Has Been Hacked AgainMalware has been found on a web page intended for customer assistance.
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    Yahoo Admits That 3 Billion Accounts Were Affected by 2013 HackYahoo adds 2 billion accounts to the total affected since its last count.
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    Equifax Says 2.5 Million More Americans May Be Impacted by Data BreachThis would bring the total to a whopping 145.5 million people.
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    Equifax Screwed Up Its Data Breach From Nearly Every AngleHow not to handle a massive data breach.
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    Sweden Accidentally Leaks the Sensitive Info of Basically All Its CitizensHow do you say “Oops!” in Swedish?