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  1. coronavirus
    Learning to Live in the Valley of UncertaintyFor many critical coronavirus questions, like when schools should reopen, we simply do not have clear answers.
  2. data
    Senators Introduce a Bipartisan Social Media Bill, Which Is Actually Very GoodI’m as surprised as you are.
  3. checking in
    You Might Not Be Checking In on Foursquare, But Foursquare Is Checking In on YouThe company has become a data-harvesting success story — and is still trying to figure out whether that’s “cool or creepy.”
  4. conspiracies
    Democrats Find a New Bogeyman to Blame Their 2020 Loss On: FaceAppFaceApp, the theory goes, is a front for the Russian government because it is based in St. Petersburg.
  5. who has my secrets
    I Don’t Care What My Data Is Worth. I Just Want to Know Who Has It.New legislation would force tech companies to put a precise value on user data, but it targets the wrong industry.
  6. loss (not jpeg)
    Why the Terrible Myspace Data Loss Has a Silver LiningLosing enormous amounts of user data is an unmitigated screw-up, even on a modern internet that craves ephemerality.
  7. life in pixels
    Why We Fake College Applications and Facebook ProfilesRick Singer’s college admissions fixing scheme has a lot in common with scams and catfishing on social media.
  8. data
    Even When It Doesn’t Ask For It, Facebook Gets Tons of DataThe company’s many different collection methods reveal a tangled web of collection schemes.
  9. cityscape
    Who Works in the Chrysler Building? A Floor-by-Floor Investigation.The tenant list, revealed.
  10. tracking
    It’s Very Easy to Get Your Hands on Cell Phone Location DataFor a few hundred bucks, anyone’s whereabouts can be yours.
  11. amazon
    Amazon Is an Infrastructure Company. The HQ2 Bids Were Reconnaissance.Amazon has morphed from a retailer to an infrastructure company. The data in the HQ2 bids it solicited could guide the next steps in its evolution.
  12. oh word?
    Documents Show Facebook Considered Charging for Access to User DataDocuments seized in a new lawsuit shed light on the company’s thinking.
  13. politics
    Your Taste in Jeans May Have Influenced the ElectionHow Cambridge Analytica used fashion data from Facebook to help Trump.
  14. hacking
    Good News! The Enormous Facebook Data Breach Only Has 30 Million Victims!The company is working with the FBI to investigate.
  15. come out come out wherever you are
    Facebook, Please Leave National Coming Out Day AloneUsers can now add “Came Out” as a life event. It’s an unnecessary addition that shows a misunderstanding of how most LGBTQ people actually come out.
  16. select all
    Smart-Home Robots Are Using Their Cuteness to Spy on You BetterIf self-driving cars need a good sense of physics, social robots need the tools of a confidence artist.
  17. data
    New York City’s Demographer-in-Chief Is Worried About the 2020 CensusThe question about citizenship is going to leave New York undercounted. That’s really bad.
  18. select all
    What Do Facebook Permissions Really Mean?Not even Facebook seems to know.
  19. select all
    The Innocuous Gray Box That Explains Facebook’s Data MessTucked away in the site’s settings, a few checkboxes explain everything.
  20. select all
    MoviePass CEO Says App Tracks You After You Leave TheaterThe app’s privacy policy doesn’t disclose the reported data tracking.
  21. select all
    The Real Victims of the False Missile Alert Were Hawaiian MasturbatorsWho among us has not gotten horned up at the thought of not being blown to bits?
  22. select all
    Snapchat’s Secret Internal Numbers Confirm What You Were Probably ThinkingSnapchat’s map feature isn’t really all that popular, after all.
  23. select all
    Equifax Is a Superfund SiteThe penalties for companies that harvest data and then get hacked should be much higher.
  24. select all
    Your Old Social-Media Posts Are Being Used by Political GroupsThey’re reading what you said on Reddit.
  25. select all
    Email-Unsubscribing-Service CEO Sad People Found Out It Was Selling Their DataUnroll.me’s CEO says all the data it sold was anonymized.
  26. What Happens to New York’s Municipal ID Card Under the Trump Administration?The program, which is designed to help undocumented immigrants, might delete all its data.
  27. select all
    Amazon Has Actual Data Truckers NowTrucks with storage containers will show up to haul your data away.
  28. Trump TV May Have Already Cornered Its Audience: ‘The Future of the GOP’Trump is building a 14 million–member email list full of young conservatives. His team wants to milk it for money and influence for years to come.
  29. Clinton’s Campaign Is State-of-the-Art and Trump’s Is Chaotic. Does That Matter?One proposition this election will test is whether smart, expensive organizations with smart, expensive people really have an effect on the outcome.
  30. Donald Trump Plans to Campaign Like It’s 1899A data strategy? Those are for nerds.
  31. select all
    Did You Know Facebook Is Probably Tracking Your Sleep Habits? Sleep Tight!Facebook isn’t watching you sleep. It just knows when you go to bed and when you get up!
  32. bye summer
    This Summer Was the Safest New York Has Seen in Decades, NYPD Says… But the homicide rate is still up 6 percent. 
  33. timeline
    A Look Back at Andrew Sullivan’s the DishAs he closes down his blog, a timeline of what it served daily.
  34. the sports section
    2014 Was Not New York’s Worst Sports Year EverIt may feel that way, but the numbers say otherwise.
  35. online freedom
    Google Ordered to Give Customer Data to FBI Without a warrant.
  36. the future is coming
    Department of Please Don’t Steal My DataCould John Kerry’s brother be the country’s first privacy czar?
  37. health carnage
    Obama Administration Using Scary Year-Old Stats to Sell Health-Care Reform15,000 people a day are losing their health insurance! A year ago!