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    Today’s National Security Threat Is … GrindrThe app was bought by a Chinese company in 2018, but it’s looking to sell after the U.S. government raised concerns.
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    Facebook Has a Dating App NowMark Zuckerberg said the dating-app feature will only show you people you don’t know.
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    The Scourge of the Tindstagrammer: Tinder Rejects Who Creep on InstagramIf you didn’t match on Tinder, but he DM’d you on Instagram anyway, you’ve been Tindstagrammed.
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    Verified Twitter Users Get Their Own Dating App So They Can Finally Have SexBecause Twitter wasn’t unbearable enough already.
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    Shockingly, the Slack Bot for Office Flirting Has Been Shut DownSlack rejected an integration from dating app Feeld that would let users flirt with co-workers.
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    Tinder Has a Secret ‘Select’ Version of Its App for an Elite Invite-Only CrowdHave you been invited to join Tinder Select?
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    Tinder’s New App for Apple TV Is Fun for the Whole FamilyThe company rolled out a new app for Apple TV today and a series of ads geared at convincing you to swipe with your mom’s help.
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    For Women, Bumble Doesn’t Know the Difference Between a Date and a BFFBumble’s BFF feature is matching women looking to date women with women who are just looking for new friends. Oops.
  9. Tinder Will Now Show You Data on Which of Your Pics Get SwipesAh, yes, the answer to all your dating woes: big data.
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    Bumble Wants Users to Prove They’re Real With SelfiesThe dating app wants to end fake-profile rumors once and for all.
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    Tinder Partners With Spotify So Potential Dates Will Know You Like Baha MenYou’ll be able to see if you and your potential match have any favorite artists in common.
  12. Bad Tinder Dude Pretended Sister Has Cancer, Scammed Women for $26,000Further proof that there are no nice single guys in New York.