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  1. endorsements
    David Paterson Endorses Scott Stringer, But He Won’t Tell You WhyAwkward.
  2. early and awkward
    Spitzer’s Old Running Mate Is Still Going With the Other GuyDavid Paterson is standing by Scott Stringer.
  3. early and awkward
    David Paterson Could Run for CongressHe doesn’t rule out running for Charlie Rangel’s seat. 
  4. not being governor anymore
    David Paterson Loses Radio Show, Has Nothing to DoHe knew this was coming.
  5. the cuddle gov
    David Paterson and His Wife Have Separated After nineteen years. 
  6. discrimination
    Paterson May Have Tried Race-Based Police CutsAides asked to swap white officers on security detail for minorities.
  7. stand clear of the closing doors
    David Paterson Taking His Talents to the MTA BoardGovernor Cuomo will appoint him to replace Paul McCartney’s wife.
  8. not being governor anymore
    David Paterson Will Have His Own Talk Radio ShowLongtime caller, first-time host.
  9. the cuddle gov
    David Paterson: ‘I Think I’ll Kill Myself’That was his reaction when he found out he’d be the next governor.
  10. david paterson
    David Paterson Is Going to Teach a Class on GoverningThat headline is not a joke.
  11. bons mots
    David Paterson Stunned by Governor Cuomo’s Ability to Accomplish Things“I think it’s just stunning.”
  12. crimes and misdemeanors
    David Johnson, Infamous Aide to Governor Paterson, Pleads GuiltyBut he’s not going to jail.
  13. david paterson
    Paterson: ‘I’m Always There to Take Spitzer’s Place’Hear that, CNN?
  14. school daze
    David Paterson to Teach at NYUCuddle classes!
  15. cuomolot
    So We’re Going to Have a New Family Single Guy in the Governor’s Mansion TomorrowHere’s what tonight’s swearing-in is going to look like.
  16. stories
    Governor Paterson and a Psychic Woman Shared a Moment in a BarShe predicted this would happen.
  17. crime
    Paterson Commutes Sentence in Racially Charged Long Island ShootingPaterson commutes the sentence of a black man who shot and killed a white teen out of fear of a lynch mob.
  18. crimes and misdemeanors
    Governor Paterson’s Free Yankees Tickets Now Very Far From FreeHe was fined $62,125 by the Committee for Public Integrity today.
  19. david paterson
    David Paterson Isn’t Looking Forward to Life on the OutsideDavid Paterson’s anxiety over life outside of the governor’s mansion.
  20. venting
    Governor Paterson Not Sure If Albany Is ‘Even Governable’Sorry, Cuomo.
  21. venting
    Govenor Paterson: ‘I’m a Shell of the Man I Was Before I Became Governor’“It’s been very challenging, very difficult, very painful at times.”
  22. early and awful
    New Report Accuses Democrats of Cronyism Over the Aqueduct Race Track In QueensThis doesn’t look good for Albany Democrats.
  23. soda
    Bloomberg Attempts To Ban Use Of Food Stamps for SodaAbout 1.7 million of city’s 8 million residents currently on food stamps.
  24. david paterson
    David Paterson Has Trouble Humming Music When He’s Hearing MusicThe governor starts to think about his plans once he leaves office.
  25. real talk
    Paterson Is Against Bullying, For Beating the Crap Out of PeopleIn signing the Dignity For All Students act, the governor reminds everyone there’s more than one way to fight a bully.
  26. ground zero mosque
    Paterson Suggests One-Week Moratorium on Mosque DebateHe proposes we “maybe all step back and try to devote a week of peace.”
  27. smoke break
    Native American Tribes Win Temporary Reprieve From Paterson’s Proposed Cigarette TaxPaterson’s plan: collect $4.35 in sales tax for every pack sold to non-Indian customers.
  28. politics
    Paterson Doesn’t Like Paying for Baseball TicketsIs that so criminal? (Maybe.)
  29. early and awkward
    Governor Paterson Did Not Intend to Imply That President Obama Created a Penis-Centric Education ChallengeA fantastic slip-up by our governor.
  30. ground zero mosque
    Governor Paterson: ‘The Terrorists Are Laughing’So, he still wants the mosque to be moved, and for everybody to just stop bickering.
  31. charlie rangel
    Rangel’s Birthday Party ‘Damn Sure Ain’t No Funeral’No more lame excuses.
  32. politics ain’t beanball
    Governor Paterson Is Not Through With President ObamaThe man is not letting it go.
  33. won’t somebody please think of the children?
    Governor Paterson Does Not Appreciate the Hidden Dangers of Sippy CupsChildren everywhere are drinking from a ticking time bomb.
  34. my sherr-una
    Poor Governor Paterson Has Long, Rambling Voice Mail Printed in Full“I hope your lawyer will do something to help me here, because this, uh, doesn’t look good for me.”
  35. my sherr-una
    Report Won’t Recommend Charges Against Governor PatersonHe did show “poor judgment though.”
  36. money woes
    Governor Paterson Threatens Layoffs, Throws Out Illogical First PitchDoes a first pitch for T-ball make any sense?
  37. the cuddle muddle
    David Johnson Just Wants to Be Treated Like Everybody ElseThis is so unfair!
  38. my sherr-una
    Sherr-una Booker Is BackAnd she wants justice.
  39. the cuddle muddle
    Governor Paterson Starts Wearing Kabbalah Bracelet About Eighteen Months Too LateIt helps to ward off problems.
  40. oh albany!
    Paterson Awards No-Bid Federal Insurance Contract to Company Where Wife WorksAccording to the ‘Post,’ this is “BAD BIDNESS.”
  41. photo op
    Governor Paterson’s Back Hurts From Signing So Many Vetoes4,700 of them, to be exact.
  42. oh albany!
    Vetoing Thousands of Budget Additions Breaks David Paterson’s Heart“I never take any joy in vetoing education money, health care, services for the poor and the indigent.”
  43. oh albany!
    New York Budget Situation Still a Big MessThe legislature comes up with its own plan, one that isn’t making Governor Paterson happy.
  44. reefer madness
    Which New York Politicians Have Smoked Pot, and How Embarrassed Are They About It?Some pretend they didn’t enjoy it, some lie, and some flat out brag about it.
  45. budget mess
    Could the Soda Tax Trigger the Breakdown of Society?Paterson feels like he can do “whatever he wants” with the final emergency budget bill.
  46. the cuddle muddle
    David Johnson Reportedly Pleads the Fifth in Both Paterson-Related InquiriesFormer Paterson aide refuses to speak in domestic-abuse and Yankee-ticket investigations.
  47. budget mess
    Governor Paterson Lays Down the Law“We will be out of here. You can plan your schedules.”
  48. apocalypse new york
    N.Y. Leaders Optimistic About Avoiding ShutdownPaterson isn’t exactly confident, though.
  49. albany
    State Plans to Borrow Money From Pension Fund in Order to Pay Back Money Owed to Same Pension FundThe plan has been denounced by some as “a shell game.”
  50. the cuddle muddle
    David Paterson Does Best When People Aren’t WatchingOn the radio!
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