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  1. political animals
    How the White House Polices Language in WashingtonIncluding the president’s.
  2. Obama Aides Strike Back at Chicago Democrat Who Didn’t Stand With POTUSThey spoke out against Dan Lipinski, who’s facing a tough primary, after a mailer tried to link him to the 44th president.
  3. encounter
    David Axelrod Has Some Thoughts on 2016This month, Obama’s chief optimist will release Believer, a memoir about his life in politics.
  4. messing with texas
    Rick Perry Responds to Indictment David Axelrod and Alan Dershowitz have both questioned the charges against the Texas governor. 
  5. cable news news
    David Axelrod’s Mustache Lands Job at MSNBC, NBCHe’ll be a senior political analyst.
  6. campaign ads
    Italian Attack Ad Compares David Axelrod to Axl Rose, Sort Of Complete with weird Photoshop job.
  7. early and awkward
    David Axelrod Really Loves His DaughterHe let people shave his mustache on live TV this morning.
  8. early and awful
    Joe Scarborough Buys His Way Out of Mustache BetHe’s giving lots of money to a good cause, but still.
  9. early and awesome
    What Joe Scarborough Would Look Like With Ten Famous MustachesObama won Florida. Scarborough lost his bet. Now he has to grow a ‘stache.
  10. great mustaches in history
    David Axelrod’s Mustache Is in Mortal DangerHe promised to shave it off if Obama loses in Minnesota, Pennsylvania, or Michigan. 
  11. spin wars
    Mitt Romney Had a ‘Good Week’ (in RNC Chairman’s Alternate Reality)David Axelrod isn’t buying it.
  12. impolitic
    The Ryan Pick: Why Romney Changed to Obama’s GameThe White House is licking its chops over Mitt Romney’s selection of Paul Ryan as his running mate.
  13. stuck in the mittle
    The Republicans Have Just About Had It with ReidWhich means it’s not going away.
  14. sad things
    Obama Staffer Dies at Campaign HeadquartersMost — but not all — people treated the situation with respect. 
  15. obama’s campaign brain
    David Axelrod on How to Overturn Citizens UnitedObama’s chief political strategist weighs in on campaign finance, gay marriage, and Mitt Romney.
  16. public service announcements
    Go See John Heilemann and David Axelrod at 92Y!We already have our tickets!
  17. early and often
    Soros and Other Rich Guys to Give Dems $100MFighting money with money, but with a twist.
  18. stuck in the mittle
    David Axelrod Says Romney Is From Mad Men Era“He’s just in a time warp.”
  19. diarrheal puppies!!
    David Axelrod Drops the S-BombSeamus.
  20. the national interest
    The Obama-Romney Fight Begins on TwitterThe main argument of the campaign will continue to be the same argument that the parties have been having for the last three years.
  21. bons mots
    David Axelrod’s Sage Analysis of the Newt Gingrich Campaign“The higher a monkey climbs on the pole the more you can see his butt.”
  22. 2012
    Obama Campaign Promises They Won’t Be Calling Mitt Romney ‘Weird,’ ExactlyDavid Axelrod is mincing words now.
  23. ink-stained wretches
    White House Was Displeased With Mark Halperin, But Also Forgiving“He’s a decent person and a good journalist.”
  24. the hunt for red november
    David Axelrod Just Saying That Jon Huntsman Loves Everything About Barack Obama“He was encouraging on health care” and a “whole range of issues.”
  25. early and often
    Health-Care Reform Will Dog Romney, With the White House’s Help [Updated]At least four times over the past year, they’ve noted the similarities between RomneyCare and ObamaCare.
  26. do the shuffle
    Obama Locking Down Staff Changes For Next YearAxelrod: “This is a bubble.”
  27. death and taxes
    Obama Caved on the Bush Tax Cuts Last Week, Not YesterdayYeah, but it wasn’t last night.
  28. early and often
    White House Ready for Outside Campaign Help NowAfter discouraging it in 2008, the White House will grudgingly accept hundreds of millions of dollars in outside spending, if it has to.
  29. early and often
    Democrats’ ‘Foreign Money’ Scare Tactic Is Slowly Losing SteamWhy did Democrats think this was a winning issue, anyway?
  30. early and often
    Karl Rove Is Pissed at Barack Obama“Even the truth doesn’t restrain him when it comes to assaulting his enemies list.”
  31. Obama Administration Denies Bob Woodward’s Sordid Swapping RumorsWhich aren’t even new.
  32. early and awesome
    David Axelrod Plays Pac-Man on His iPad During White House Meetings“I break in my personal records all the time, which is a bad sign.”
  33. words
    David Axelrod Accused of ‘Hippie Punching’Our search for … what that is.
  34. in other news
    The White House Is Angry at the TimesWas their story “100 percent inaccurate,” or just somewhat inaccurate?
  35. young folks
    The Life of a Young White House Aide Isn’t Very ExcitingUnless you think waking up at 5:30 a.m. is exciting.
  36. hurt feelings
    Dems Ask White House to Stop Bashing D.C. So MuchThey suggest bashing Republicans instead.
  37. crossing over
    So, What’s Happening With Immigration Reform?It’s either definitely happening this year, definitely not happening this year, or maybe happening this year.
  38. the blame game
    Unhappy With President Obama? Blame David AxelrodThe Chief of Staff is coming under fire for being blinded by his love for Obama and for failing to clearly define the President’s message.
  39. politics
    There Will Be ‘No Reinventing’ of the President“There’s no need to,” says Axelrod.
  40. ballsy governors
    Rod Blagojevich: ‘I’m Blacker Than Barack Obama’Yeah, he said that.
  41. what the fox
    The Battle Between Fox News and the White House RagesMaybe O’Reilly and Gibbs should just arm wrestle and end it.
  42. wall street
    Axelrod and Emanuel: Wall Street Is The Worst“They ought to think through what they are doing.”
  43. imaginary conversations
    Inside the Obama Team’s First-Pitch PreparationThe planning, the practice pitches … the conspiracy.
  44. early and often
    Slideshow: Obama in the Middle EastThe highlights of the president’s brief trip to Egypt and Saudi Arabia.
  45. early and often
    A Brief History of the Bushite-Obaman FeudChronicling the entertaining squabbles among Rove, Biden, Cheney, Gibbs, Card, Axelrod, and Obama.
  46. early and often
    McCain Campaign a ‘Circular Firing Squad’The McCain campaign gets all melty on the inside, while Obama’s team remains chilled through and through.
  47. early and often
    Patti Solis Doyle in Talks to Defect to Obama Camp?Hillary’s former number two has been talking with Obama’s top adviser about a potential job, Politico reports.
  48. early and often
    Axelrod: ‘I Can Sleep in November’David Axelrod, honored last night for his work on epilepsy research, says he “can sleep in November.”
  49. early and often
    Heilemann: Can Obama Handle the Awakened Media Beast? So what to make of Monstergate? On the surface, the campaign controversy du jour could hardly be a more straightforward story. A few days ago, Samantha Power, the Pulitzer Prize–winning author and Harvard scholar who served until a few hours ago as one of Barack Obama’s top foreign-policy advisers, was quoted by the Edinburgh-based daily The Scotsman heaping scorn on Hillary Clinton: “She’s a monster, too — that is off the record — she is stooping to anything … You just look at her and think, ‘Ergh.’” This morning, as word of the incendiary indiscretion spread (the story led the Today show) and the fever mounted, a number of congressional Clinton backers demanded that Power resign from the campaign. “It’s really a test for Obama,” said Representative Nita Lowey of New York, and she was right. For months now, Obama has vowed to fire anyone on his staff who “is involved in trying to tear people down personally,” as he put it in December. So Power’s exit late this morning was, in a sense, inevitable.