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  1. supreme court
    Pence Goes After John Roberts As ‘Disappointment to Conservatives’In an interview with a Christian right journalist, the VP promises that Trump will consummate a judicial counterrevolution in his second term.
  2. syria
    Why Trump’s Evangelical Allies Are Enraged Over His Betrayal of the KurdsNeocons aren’t the only ones angry at Trump for green-lighting a Turkish invasion. Religious leaders say it could harm Christians in the region.
  3. Scott Pruitt Thinks Limited Government Is DivineIn an interview, Pruitt doesn’t say he thinks God wants us to despoil the earth, but he does think God hates Big Government.
  4. The Christian Right’s Willful Faith in TrumpA new book shows how Evangelical leaders are desperately trying to convince themselves that the president’s not just using them.
  5. Trump’s Spiritual Adviser Authorizes Him to Smite North KoreaAt a time when the president could use some calm, pacific advice in dealing with North Korea, one leading spiritual counselor is egging him on to war.
  6. A ‘Spiritual Biography’ of Donald Trump Is in the Works. Seriously.Most of Trump’s Christian right allies don’t bother to take his own slight religious pretensions very seriously. A new book apparently will.
  7. bachmann ambition overdirve
    Journalist Praises Michele Bachmann for Flawless CampaignUm …
  8. eye of newt
    Gingrich: Affairs Make Me ‘More Normal’If Romney banged more mistresses, he might understand the “human condition.”
  9. eye of newt
    Newt Gingrich: Half Man, Half Air Conditioner“I’m much more effective per hour.”
  10. no he cain’t
    Herman Cain Still Figuring Out Where He Stands on This ‘Gay Marriage’ ThingHave you guys heard of this? Gay marriage?
  11. early and awkward
    Newt Gingrich Cheated on His Wives for AmericaThat makes sense, right?
  12. early and awkward
    Harry Reid’s ‘Greatest Living Americans’ Are Ted Kennedy and Robert ByrdOh no.
  13. gays
    President Obama Had Gayest White House Father’s Day EverHe gave a shout-out to two-father families yesterday.