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  1. party lines
    Amber Tamblyn’s Dad Approved David Cross’s Salty Author Bio“He laughed even harder than we did.”
  2. great books
    David Cross Takes the Author Bio to the Next LevelDavid Cross is currently doing something to actress Amber Tamblyn.
  3. 21 questions
    David Cross Happily Goads Crusty Punks Who Beg Him for MoneyThe actor and comedian fills out our patented questionnaire.
  4. party lines
    Amber Tamblyn Likes to Use HandcuffsShe learned how on her show ‘The Unusuals.’
  5. gossipmonger
    Natalie Portman Did Not Hook Up With Sean PennYou can all sleep again.
  6. gossipmonger
    We Admit, We Think It’s Kinda Gross That David Cross Is Dating Amber TamblynToday’s gossip includes a teary Laurence Fishburne, an irritable Derek Jeter, and dueling hairstylists. But we just can’t get over the Cross thing.
  7. gossipmonger
    Zang Toi Incorrectly Assumes That Sharon Stone Wants to Meet More Gay DudesSomeone hacked into designer Zang Toi’s computer and sent out an invitation to clients like Sharon Stone and Ivana Trump asking them to join Gayguyschat.com. Julian Schhabel wore pajamas under his jacket to the Critics Choice Awards. Duh. West Village neighbors of Tom Brady and Gisele are not happy that paparazzi now roam the blocks. Joey Buttafuoco is annoyed that a “friend” of his secretly filmed him having sex with his second wife and is now selling the footage. Lizzie Grubman is unable to lend support to any of the candidates because she is a convicted felon and thus can’t vote. Barbara Corcoran is now nicknamed “The Usher of the Flusher” after appearing on a Today show segment on luxurious bathrooms.
  8. intel
    Beloved YouTube Animals Strike in Solidarity With WGA The headline pretty much says it all. Click the image to the left to watch the genius video by Colbert Report writers Frank Lesser and Rob Dubbin. It’s even got (granted, predictable) celebrity cameos!
  9. grub street
    David Cross Is Both 12 and 42 Years OldIn the fall and winter, David Cross drinks red wine with “almost every meal.” (In the spring and summer, apparently, it’s beer.) We’d assume he means every non-breakfast meal, but, then, he also has chili for breakfast, so who knows? He even likes red wine with his favorite snack, pretzel rods dipped in Smucker’s all-natural peanut butter, chunky. What else did he have red wine with last week? Find out in the latest New York Diet at Grub Street. Comedian David Cross Likes His Peanut Butter and Pretzels With a Glass of Wine [Grub Street]
  10. cultural capital
    Indie Music Awards a Little Too Indie? Thank heaven for David Cross. The 2007 PLUG Independent Music Awards at Irving Plaza Saturday night were an appropriately “indie” mess. Would-be attendees stood for hours in the cold before being informed that the “day-of” tickets allegedly available at the sold-out show were a myth, the sound system was plagued with technical problems all night long, and, during the long wait for sets by scene favorites Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks, El-P, and Silversun Pickups, attendees sat through a succession of odd, intermittently successful acts, very few of which went off without a significant delay. A much-hyped “iPod Battle” found the participants standing awkwardly onstage for ten minutes before they were able to kick off the “battle,” which culminated with a pair of oddballs in gladiator masks sprinkling glitter on each other to the tune of “Oh Yeah” by Yello. Jason Trachtenburg (of the Trachtenburg Family Slideshow Players) led a hoarse, out-of-tune sing-along of “World’s Best Friend” (his wife and daughter were absent) that had most audience members heading for the bar for depressingly tiny $8 drinks. A barbershop quartet sang a cappella between bits. And so it fell to poor emcee David Cross to make light of things.
  11. intel
    Scenes From the East Village: David Cross EditionDramatis personae: Will Arnett, Amy Poehler, and a laughing, unsteadily walking David Cross. In front of Professor Thom’s, Second Avenue between 13th and 14th Streets. Last night, approximately 1 a.m. ARNETT, POEHLER, and CROSS exit the bar, where apparently, Fred Armisen was hosting an open-bar birthday party. CROSS Oh, man, put another one in the bag! CROSS staggers across the sidewalk and directly into a news box. The news box falls over and hits the ground with a thunk. CROSS does likewise. CROSS slides across the top of the news box in slow motion, then lies splayed on the ground next to it. ARNETT and POEHLER stand alongside, laughing too hard to help. A minute passes. ARNETT composes himself to offer a hand to CROSS. CROSS, suddenly moving quickly, springs up as if on his fifth Red Bull. CROSS See ya! As quickly as he’d arisen, CROSS disappears into a cab. Exeunt.Jada Yuan
  12. cultural capital
    24-Hour Party People, on BroadwayAt The 24-Hour Plays Monday night, a starry group of actors, playwrights, and other show people — Jennifer Aniston, David Cross, Adam Rapp, Elizabeth Berkeley, Wallace Shawn — got together to write, direct, rehearse, and perform six plays in just one day’s time. It was a benefit for Working Playground, which brings arts programs to underserved New York City schools, and in addition to raising money, it gave its audience a night of unpolished but riveting entertainment. Some highlights …