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David Dinkins

  1. the city politic
    What It Means That New York Just Elected Its Second Black MayorA generation after David Dinkins made history, Eric Adams won in an atmosphere of almost casual inevitability.
  2. forgotten new york
    The Forgotten City Hall RiotIn 1992, thousands of drunken cops raged against the mayor of New York — leaving an indelible mark on the city’s likely next mayor.
  3. 1927-2020
    David Dinkins Deserved BetterHis mayoralty was not the overt failure it once seemed.
  4. new york city
    David Dinkins, New York’s First and Only Black Mayor, Has Died at 93Dinkins, who served as mayor from 1989 to 1993, was reportedly found at home in Lenox Hill on Monday and appears to have died from natural causes.
  5. oops
    David Dinkins Finally Gets His Bridge, by AccidentThe city’s website did what the City Council did not.
  6. early and awkward
    Dinkins Picks the Worst Time to Question De Blasio’s Pre-K PlanAfter a major speech, in front of journalists.
  7. get well soon
    Get Well Soon, David DinkinsFormer mayor hospitalized with pneumonia.
  8. party chat
    David Dinkins Has Nothing Bad to Say About Mayor Bloomberg’s Handling of Occupy Wall Street“Having been in his shoes once, I don’t wish to critique him.”
  9. charlie rangel
    Rangel’s Birthday Party ‘Damn Sure Ain’t No Funeral’No more lame excuses.
  10. charlie rangel
    David Dinkins Offers Middle Finger to Heckler at Charlie Rangel’s Birthday SoiréeOver 600 joined the pleased birthday boy in celebrating.
  11. early and often
    Bill Thompson Gets Another Bloomberg-Friendly EndorsementDavid Dinkins will back Thompson, but he won’t say anything bad about Bloomberg, because he likes him a lot.
  12. early and often
    So What DID Happen at Bloomberg’s Fancy Fête for Hillary Clinton?Cindy Adams took her tape recorder to the party and tells all!
  13. gossipmonger
    Michelle Williams Mistrusts Ledger’s Aussie KinPlus, dish on Steve Carell, Naomi Campbell, and Winona Ryder in our daily gossip column roundup.
  14. gossipmonger
    iGreedySony chairman Howard Stringer called Steve Jobs “greedy” at the Allen & Co. conference. The main character of Doug Stumpf’s Confessions of a Wall Street Shoeshine Boy may be based on pervy billionaire Jeffrey Epstein. Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise went to the Biography Bookstore in the West Village and then to Magnolia. Joe DiMaggio’s brother Dom is not pleased the Yankee Clipper’s diaries are for sale. Stone Phillips is leaving Dateline, and he bought his longtime assistant an Audi as a parting gift. Matt Damon wants Al Gore to run for president. Ashlee Simpson helped beau Pete Wentz conquer his fear of flying so Wentz could get to the Hamptons via seaplane. Democratic Leadership Council Chairman Harold Ford Jr. hung out with Jay-Z, Nas, and Kid Rock in Southampton. Jennifer Connelly and Paul Bettany brought their 4-year-old to the Children’s Museum of Manhattan.
  15. gossipmonger
    Gore 2008!At an Air America relaunch, Bill Clinton said Al Gore has the money to run for president. Rudy Giuliani is raising money in Jerusalem. Paul McCartney is playing new songs at a free Highline Ballroom show tonight. Tom Wolfe is worried Gus Van Sant’s adaptation of The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test won’t do the LSD trips justice. Mel Brooks thinks Cloris Leachmen is too old to reprise her role in Young Frankenstein. Paris Hilton is naked online again. At the Apollo’s spring benefit, David Dinkins said he likes Kyra Sedgwick. Dumbo developer David Walentas will play polo with Adolpho Cambiaso, the world’s best player, in Bridgehampton this summer. Beyoncé wouldn’t sign a British fan’s painting. Britney Spears exposed herself again, and snuggled with gal pal, at a Hollywood club.