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  1. obits
    The Rascal Who Stopped the KlansmanEdwin Edwards went from the governor’s mansion to the penitentiary and back again, saving Louisiana from David Duke.
  2. louisiana
    Louisiana Has Two Living Ex-Governors: An Old Ex-Con and a Young Has-BeenLouisiana just lost three ex-governors. Survivors Edwin Edwards and Bobby Jindal make an odd duo, but they’re typical of the state’s eccentricities.
  3. vision 2020
    Democrats Should Attack Trump’s Racism, but That Won’t Be Enough to Beat HimThe campaign to defeat David Duke in 1991 showed the power of confronting racism, but Trump has greater political assets than the Louisiana Klansman.
  4. white supremacy
    Racism Is Good at Hiding. Just Ask This White Nationalist Police Officer.A school resource officer in Virginia is also a member of Identity Evropa. His job? To help bigots conceal their bigotry from the public.
  5. New GOP Plan: Elect Roy Moore So That He Can Be ExpelledRepublicans face a rather awkward process: help to get him elected, then kick him out of the Senate.
  6. The Alabama Senate Race Is a Sprint to the RightIn most any other state, the richly funded Luther Strange would go after Senate runoff opponent Roy Moore as a dangerous fanatic. But not in Alabama.
  7. Trump’s Anti-Anti-Racism Appeals to His Base’s White Racial GrievanceTrump’s core supporters seem fine with his inflammatory remarks on the Charlottesville violence because of a strong belief in white victimization.
  8. Trump Says ‘Alt-Left’ Deserves Blame for Violence in CharlottesvilleThe president condemned “neo-Nazis” and white supremacists — but defended the right-wing protesters who simply wanted to preserve their history.
  9. Eric Trump Says David Duke Deserves to Be ShotEric declares his opposition to political extremism by calling for the assassination of a (white supremacist) Senate candidate.
  10. early and awkward
    Why Mike Pence Wouldn’t Call David Duke ‘Deplorable’The VP candidate had two options: Go easy on the notorious white supremacist or prove Clinton right.
  11. A Lot of Democrats Think Hillary Clinton Should Have Been Criminally ChargedIt says a lot about this year’s political choices that many of them will support her anyway.
  12. Trump’s New Excuse for Not Condemning the KKK“I don’t like to disavow groups if I don’t know who they are. I mean, you could have the Federation of Jewish Philanthropies in ‘groups.’”
  13. ‘Pro-White’ Host Says He Interviewed Trump’s SonAn “unapologetically pro-white” radio host was given press credentials by the Trump campaign.
  14. Donald Trump Says a Bad Earpiece Prevented Him From Condemning the KKKJust because Trump repeated David Duke’s name several times during the interview doesn’t mean he heard it.
  15. today in donald trump
    Trump Doesn’t Reject White Supremacist Support“You wouldn’t want me to condemn a group that I know nothing about.”
  16. Duke Support for Trump Brings Back Memories of an Earlier ‘Race From Hell’Donald Trump is no David Duke, but a wild Louisiana gubernatorial race in 1991 showed GOP and business leaders could revolt against a renegade candidacy if pushed too far. 
  17. early and awkward
    Man Who Last Won Election in 1987 About to Join Presidential RaceGood luck with that, Buddy Roemer.