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    David Garvin, FilmmakerAs we mentioned earlier, the Village gunman, David Garvin, was a kind of failed journalist. Turns out he was also a failed film director. (Shades of Peter Braunstein, anyone?) It’s generally not a good idea to view all creative output of future psychos as an, uh, teleological narrative, but in this case, the descent into madness is so blatant it couldn’t have been scripted any better. The following movies are listed as “active projects” on Garvin’s Geocities homepage. AMBIENT Plot: An experimental short from 2005: “Revis and Shane find their family farm transformed into a surrealist nightmare world.” Retroactively scary screenplay fragment: “THE BEAST (telepathic): ‘Speak now if you want to save her.’ Revis closes his eyes tightly and grimaces with horror. In his mind’s eye he recalls abstract images of a bloody struggle under the shade trees on the shore of the pond.”