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David Souter

  1. u.s. supreme court
    Is Roe v. Wade Now Doomed?We’ve been here before, when the Supreme Court surprised everyone in 1992 by upholding the right to choose. But this new challenge doesn’t look good.
  2. supreme court
    Pence Goes After John Roberts As ‘Disappointment to Conservatives’In an interview with a Christian right journalist, the VP promises that Trump will consummate a judicial counterrevolution in his second term.
  3. the kavanaugh hearings
    Sen. Collins, Why Are Anti-Abortion Groups Celebrating Kavanaugh Confirmation?Susan Collins thinks Kavanaugh might wind up being pro-choice. The anti-abortion lobby begs to differ.
  4. the kavanaugh confirmation
    Trump Should Have Nominated a Woman to the Supreme CourtTrump’s famous vetting process did not protect him from a SCOTUS nominee who may join the president as a presumed sexual predator.
  5. Are Democrats Crying Wolf on Threat to Abortion Rights?The threat to abortion rights is very real, even if conservatives have grown adept at pretending otherwise.
  6. the supremes
    Gambling Already Begun on Souter Supreme ReplacementSo far, Sonia Sotomayor holds the best odds.
  7. gossipmonger
    Betsey Johnson Is Shopping for a New ToiletPlus, Goldie Hawn shows some skin, Hugh Jackman names his nethers, and more celebrity TMI, in today’s gossip roundup.
  8. the supremes
    Supreme Court Speculation Period May Be Mercifully Short-livedCould a nominee be announced by the end of the week?
  9. the supremes
    The Clues to Obama’s Dream JusticeObama’s statements reveal exactly the type of Supreme Court justice he’s looking for.
  10. the supremes
    The Supreme Court Doesn’t Sout Him AnymoreDavid Souter has told the White House he plans to retire in the near future.