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David Weprin

  1. 2012
    Ed Koch Enjoyed His Recent Role As N.Y.-9 KingmakerHe’s thinking of taking it national.
  2. early and awkward
    The Real Reason Weprin Lost: His Mustache?At least one Democratic district leader is blaming the facial hair.
  3. early and often
    Ripples From the GOP’s Upset N.Y.-9 Win Reach Albany, and BeyondAn unexpected Democratic loss affects the re-districting musical chairs.
  4. early and often
    Do the Democrats’ Special Election Losses Mean Anything?Probably, yeah. They mean the Democrats are in trouble.
  5. ny-9
    N.Y.-9 Goes Republican, With Many Bad Signs for ObamaTurner won.
  6. ny-9
    Anthony Weiner Voted for David Weprin TodayAs if the Democratic candidate didn’t already have enough problems.
  7. ny-9
    Another Poll Shows David Weprin Trailing Bob TurnerWith a day to go before the special election, N.Y.-9 is looking more and more like a Republican district.
  8. early and awkward
    This Video of David Weprin Dancing Will Haunt YouYou’ve been warned.
  9. ny-9
    Democrats Are Increasingly Worried About Losing Weiner’s Former Congressional SeatThey’re spending like drunken sailors all of a sudden.
  10. ny-9
    Nate Silver Thinks N.Y.–9 Could Go RepublicanPerhaps. So hedgeth the oracle.
  11. new york 9
    Why the Dems Are Worried About the Race for Anthony Weiner’s SeatThe seat could go Republican — not a good early indicator for 2012.
  12. early and often
    Dov Hikind Hates Gay Marriage So Much He’s Willing to Suspend Party AllegianceIn the special election to replace Anthony Weiner in the House, Hikind’s considering supporting Republican Bob Turner.
  13. debates
    Hecklers Dominate Queens DebateThe candidates running for Anthony Weiner’s congressional seat are feisty, but their audience is feistier.
  14. weinergate
    Could a Republican Be Elected to Fill Weiner’s Seat?That’s no longer such a far-fetched question to ask.
  15. intel
    Bloomberg Gets Wheezy Over Congestion PricingMayor Bloomberg came out swinging for congestion pricing today. Facing a March 31 deadline for the city and state legislatures to collect $354 million in federal start-up funds, Hizzoner appeared at breakfast with U.S. Transportation Secretary Mary Peters at his side. To an Anthony Weiner question about congestion pricing’s threat to federal funding, Bloomberg snapped: “That’s one of the stupider things I’ve heard!”