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  1. supreme court
    Supreme Court Reverses Convictions of Bridgegate SchemersThe payback traffic jam that wound up obstructing Chris Christie’s path to the White House was bad, but not a federal crime.
  2. Bridgegate ‘Mastermind’ David Wildstein Escapes Jail TimeDavid Wildstein, who was the star witness for the prosecution of former Christie aides, is sentenced to three years probation for the traffic scheme.
  3. Bridgegate Trial: Wildstein Is a Flawed Accuser, But His Story Never WaveredThe defense painted the key witness as a habitual liar, but he’s been consistent about the plot he concocted.
  4. Bridgegate Trial: How Wildstein Orchestrated His Most Ambitious Political SchemeThe prosecution’s star witness details the plot he concocted, and who, he says, was in on it.
  5. The Mastermind of Bridgegate Takes the StandChristie’s “bad cop,” David Wildstein, on career opportunities and the “dead-to-me gene.”
  6. Bridgegate Opening Statements: Chris Christie KnewGovernment prosecutors and multiple defendants all point fingers at the governor.
  7. politics
    The Former High School Classmate Who Could Take Chris Christie DownDavid Wildstein, Bridgegate, and the trial that could wreck the governor for good.
  8. bridgegate
    David Wildstein Talking to Federal Prosecutors in Bridgegate InvestigationNot good news for Chris Christie.
  9. oh new jersey
    Christie Staff Basically Sexted About Their Traffic Jam Fantasies [Updated]New texts reveal an obsession with revenge via transportation delays.
  10. bridge jam
    Chris Christie Betrayed by Staff AgainThey reportedly sent out an angry memo without showing him first.
  11. jersey boys
    Is David Wildstein Chris Christie’s Sworn Enemy, or His Mini-Me?There’s a strange psychological dynamic at play here.
  12. jesus christie
    Christie Administration Lashes Out at Ex-Friend Who Clogged the BridgeDavid Wildstein claims that there’s evidence proving that Christie lied to the press.
  13. bridge jam
    David Wildstein: Christie Knew of Lane ClosingsA recent history of “friendship” and betrayal.
  14. jesus christie
    George Washington Bridge Scandal Documents Reveal Chaos, Cover-up, and Cursing But no direct link to Chris Christie.