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Daylight Saving Time

  1. early and often
    Permanent Daylight Saving Time Bill Just Made Clock Change More AnnoyingBefore the Senate passed the Sunshine Protection Act last year, I was resigned to my fate. Now the biannual clock change comes with false hope.
  2. strange bedfellows
    I Guess Marco Rubio Is My Hero NowThe Senate passed the Florida senator’s bill to make daylight saving time permanent, which almost counteracts all the bad stuff he’s done.
  3. politics
    Our Long National Nightmare May Finally Be OverIn a major blow to seasonal depression, the Senate unanimously approved a bill to make daylight saving time permanent.
  4. spring
    Cool Fireman Reminds You To Set Your Clocks Ahead an HourDaylight Saving Time starts tomorrow.
  5. spring ahead fall back
    Wait, What Time Is It?It’s Daylight Saving day, and your iPhone might be lying to you.