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  1. Drug Czar Candidate Withdraws After Reports Linking Him to Opioid CrisisCongressman Tom Marino won’t be named to the position.
  2. exits
    DEA Chief Resigns, Reportedly Over Lack of Confidence in TrumpChuck Rosenberg is close with James Comey, and sent a letter rebuking Trump’s comments urging police to be rough with suspects.
  3. DEA Chief to Agents: Trump Was ‘Wrong’ to Encourage Police BrutalityThe head of the Coast Guard has also come out against Trump’s announced ban on transgender people in the military.
  4. Obama Says Marijuana Should Be Treated Like AlcoholBut he is resigned to letting the federal government keep treating it like heroin.
  5. DEA Chief to Retire After Sex-Party ScandalMichele Leonhart has run the DEA since 2007.
  6. drug war
    Mexican Drug Lord Joaquín Guzmán Captured He escaped prison in 2001.
  7. The Rise and Fall of New York City’s Biggest Pill MillThe complex, $500 million operation in the Bronx presented a steep challenge to law enforcement. 
  8. crimes and misdemeanors
    U.S. Settles for $4.1 Million With Student Forgotten in CellHe should buy drugs with it!
  9. not-so-secret service
    The DEA Likes Prostitutes, Too, AllegedlyThree DEA agents are under investigation for misconduct in Colombia.
  10. methamphetamine
    Fifteen Tons of Methamphetamine Seized in MexicoIt’s good news and bad news.
  11. drug shortages
    ADHD Drug Shortages are ArtificialFDA says supply problems are due to relationship between DEA and manufacturers.
  12. mommy says drugs are bad
    Government: No Such Thing As Medical MarijuanaWants it classified with heroin and LSD.
  13. in other news
    Feds Drop Their Pursuit of Mary-Kate OlsenFashion charges filed by humanity still pending.
  14. white men with money
    Jamie Dimon Thinks Someone Should Smoke Short-Sellers Out of Their CavesThe JPMorgan CEO is searching for a hero. Could it be YOU?