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    The Best Headphones You Can Buy Are on Sale for Prime DayThese headphones are up to $100 off for Prime Day.
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    I Own Apple’s Worst Computer, But This $6 Adapter Helps a LittleThe new MacBooks are terrible, but these $6 adapters make it bearable.
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    Everything You Need to Build a Budget-Friendly Smart HomeAutomating your home can cost thousands of dollars. These budget picks can help you build one that’s “good enough.”
  4. Trump Says His Meeting With Kim Jong-un ‘May Not Work Out’Turns out, agreeing to unprecedented summits on a whim might not be a sound way to make foreign policy.
  5. U.S. Scraps Military Exercise in Order to Appease North KoreaFor decades, Pyongyang has been asking for a meeting with the U.S. president. Now, Kim is winning concessions by threatening to stand up to Trump.
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    Got Apple on the Brain? MacBooks, iPads, and iPhones Are on Sale Till Saturday.Get your holiday Apple fix for less this year.
  7. Trump Backs Off Plan to Fund Infrastructure Stimulus With Private MoneyThe president has apparently realized that private companies aren’t interested in building toll roads in the rural Midwest.
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    This Is the Lowest Price Yet for the Google HomeGoogle offers some discounts for those who want to stay out of Amazon’s ecosystem.
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    Mint SIM Sells Wildly Cheap Cell-Phone Plans — If You PrepayYou could pay as little as $12 per month for cell-phone service that’s just as good as what you’re getting right now.
  10. Republicans Should Offer Trump a Golden ParachuteHow do you convince a narcissist to give up the ego trip of a lifetime?
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    Good God, You Can Buy Really Cheap SanDisk Memory Right NowGood memory.
  12. Trump’s Carrier Deal Is a Hit With VotersTrump’s deal to keep a Carrier plant in Indiana is deeply popular. The president-elect, however, remains anything but.
  13. Trump Suggests He Followed Through on Carrier Deal Just to Save FaceTrump says that he didn’t intend for his initial promise to keep the plant in Indiana to be taken literally.
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    The 11 Best Black Friday Tech DealsFrom absurdly cheap thumb drives to deep price cuts on the best TV on the market, some choice bargains that you don’t even have to put on pants for.
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    Entire Town Available for Less Than Half the Price of NYC ApartmentIt’s in South Dakota. 
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    Introducing New York DealsSift through the deluge of online bargains.
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    Facebook Launches a Groupon Killer, Wants to Be Your EverythingSomeone knows how to get you to spend Facebook credits.