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  1. dear leader
    North Korea Is Not Happy About the Release of The InterviewIn a statement, Kim Jong-un’s government called President Obama a “monkey.”
  2. cheese intrigue
    Too Much Cheese Probably Not to Blame for Kim Jong-un’s DisappearanceIt wasn’t actually gout from overeating.
  3. photo op
    Kim Jong Un Has a Little Tea Party After Inspecting the Kiddie PoolA day at the orphanage with the brutal dictator.
  4. North Korea Releases American Who Left His Bible in PublicLeave your holy books at home, folks.
  5. dear leader
    All the Best Rumors About Kim Jong-un’s Two Broken AnklesSwiss cheese and high-heeled boots …
  6. dear leader
    Kim Jong-un Is Missing, Might Have GoutThe only case in North Korea …
  7. dear leader
    Kim Jong-un’s Extremely Smiley Summer Vacation, in PhotosHere’s what the North Korean boy-leader has been up to while holding a 24-year-old American prisoner.
  8. dear leader
    5 Possible Reasons Kim Jong-un Limped in PublicIt’s North Korea, so we have to guess.
  9. dear leader
    Kim Jong-un Berates North Korean WeathermenDear Leader is all wet. 
  10. dear leader
    Kim Jong-un May Not Have Executed His Ex-Girlfriend After AllHyon Song-wol was reportedly seen speaking on state TV this week.
  11. dear leader
    Kim Jong-un Probably Not Making North Korean Men Get His Macklemore HaircutAnother likely-false story about the authoritarian regime.
  12. dear leader
    Ladies Love Cool Jong-Un: A Photo EssayWomen flock to the North Korean leader, for some reason.
  13. dear leader
    Kim Jong-un Also Executed His Uncle’s Family Including children and two ambassadors.
  14. dear leader
    Kenneth Bae ‘Confesses’ in North KoreaThe American jailed by Kim Jong-un spoke at a “press conference,” probably under duress.
  15. dear leader
    Kim Jong-un, Dennis Rodman Star in Space Jam 2No animation this time.
  16. dear leader
    Actually, Kim Jong-un Probably Didn’t Kill His Executed Uncle With Wild DogsPhew.
  17. dear leader
    Kim Jong-un May Have Had His ‘Traitor’ Uncle Eaten Alive by Starving DogsChinese media reports that the execution was especially brutal.
  18. dear leader
    Kim Jong-un’s Deposed Uncle Has Been Executed For treason.
  19. dear leader
    Kim Jong-un’s Uncle Ousted for ‘Corruption,’ Partying Too MuchThat’s the official story, anyway.
  20. dear leader
    Kim Jong-un Had a Falling Out With His UncleTwo of the uncle’s associates have been executed — and now the uncle is missing.
  21. dear leader
    North Korea Reportedly Executes 80 People for Basically No ReasonLike “being in possession of a Bible.” 
  22. dear leader
    Hackers Post Photo of Kim Jong Un As Pig-ManKim Jong Un as a pig-man.
  23. dear leader
    Kim Jong-un Tries Mildly Sexist Icebreaker With South Korea’s PresidentNorth Korea’s not a fan of her “venomous swish of skirt.”
  24. dear leader
    Kim Jong-un Tells Soldiers to ‘Break the Waists of the Crazy Enemies’Is this a dance-off?
  25. dear leader
    Dennis Rodman Is Not Your Typical Ranting Bar PatronBecause he rants about North Korea.
  26. dear leader
    Hugging Dennis Rodman Was the Happiest Moment of Kim Jong-un’s Life*Kim Jong-un gives Rodman many pats on the back.
  27. dear leader
    The Time Kim Jong Un Met Toni KukocYears before Rodman, the future North Korean dictator met a different Chicago Bull.
  28. dear leader
    Dennis Rodman, Vice Having Fun With DictatorYay!
  29. dear leader
    North Korea Refers to Self As ‘Space Conquerors’Seems fair.
  30. dear leader
    Kim Jong Un Giving Every Child Two Pounds of Candy, the Thing They Need MostHow about some real food? No?
  31. dear leader
    Google Exec to Briefly Be the Second-Most Powerful Chairman in North KoreaHe’s taking a little trip.
  32. dear leader
    People’s Daily Editors Are a Bunch of SpoilsportsThe CPC news site got tired of being a laughingstock.
  33. dear leader
    China Celebrates Kim Jong-un’s Sexiest Man Alive Honor (From The Onion)Who’s laughing at whom here?
  34. dear leader
    Kim Jong-un Is ‘Well Versed in Vegetables’Stop bragging.
  35. dear leader
    Kim Jong-un Is Very Concerned About Providing Mini-Golfers With Sufficient ShadeThe man has an agenda. 
  36. dear leader
    Kim Jong-il Wins Olympic Weightlifting Medal From Beyond the GraveActual weightlifter gives him full credit. 
  37. dear leader
    What Kim Jong-un Said at the Amusement ParkAnother Daily Intel exclusive.
  38. dear leader
    Kim Jong Un’s Real Wife RevealedShe is a singer, however. 
  39. dear leader
    King Jong-un Gets That Big Promotion He’s Been Waiting ForYou’ll never guess.
  40. dear leader
    What Kim Jong-un Said on His Visit to a KindergartenDaily Intel has the exclusive. 
  41. dear leader
    Top North Korean Official Dismissed Because of ‘Illness’Suspicious.
  42. dear leader
    Kim Jong-un Married to Music Star?We all remember that tune. 
  43. dear leader
    Mystery Woman Could Be Kim Jong-un’s Girlfriend, or Anyone ElseThe North Korean paparazzi must be loving this.
  44. dear leader
    What Kim Jong-un Said During His Trip to the ZooWe made up some things.
  45. dear leader
    Kim Jong Il Can Never RetireEven though he’s dead. 
  46. dear leader
    Inside Kim Jong-un’s ‘Historic’ Tour Through a School in North KoreaWe have the “exclusive” (fake) story.
  47. dear leader
    A Giant Attended Kim Jong-Il’s FuneralBest. Funeral. Ever.
  48. dear leader
    The Real Reason All Those North Koreans Were So SadDaily Intel digs for the truth! And it finds … something!
  49. dear leader
    The Crying Alongside Kim Jong-Il’s Funeral Procession Was RidiculousNobody has ever cried as hard over anything as North Koreans cried over Kim Jong-Il today. 
  50. dear leader
    North Koreans Working in Libya Have Been Banished From Their Homeland ForeverBest banishment ever?
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