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Death Row

  1. the system
    Why Is the Firing Squad Making a Comeback?South Carolina’s push to bring back an archaic execution method says a lot about the state of capital punishment today.
  2. death row
    Oklahoma Governor Commutes Inmate’s Death Sentence Hours Before Lethal InjectionGov. Kevin Stitt reduced the death sentence of Julius Jones to life without parole, as the 41-year-old convicted of murder maintains his innocence.
  3. Florida Executes Murderer With Drug Never Before Used in Lethal InjectionsConvicted killer Mark James Asay lost his last appeal, and was executed on Thursday night.
  4. Ronell Wilson, the Last New Yorker on Death Row, Won’t Be Executed After AllHe killed two undercover Staten Island police officers in 2003 during a drug sting.
  5. 1 in 10 on Death Row Is a Military Veteran With PTSDThe number is based on 2007 data, so it likely underestimates the problem today.
  6. wrongful convictions
    After 30 Years in Prison, DNA Clears Brothers Convicted of Rape and MurderAnd points to a man they befriended in jail.
  7. crime and punishment
    Texas Will No Longer Honor Last Meal Requests Before ExecutionsLawrence Brewer ruined it for everyone.
  8. crime and punishment
    Time Is Running Out for Troy DavisThe Georgia inmate’s appeals have all been denied.